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Eagles Nest Outfitters Ignitor

photo: Eagles Nest Outfitters Ignitor top quilt


Price Current Retail: $299.95
Historic Range: $119.00-$299.95


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The ENO Ignitor Topquilt will allow you to extend your hammock camping well into three seasons and even into some milder four-season camping. Even if you are not a hammocker, a topquilt can still be for you if you find sleeping bags confining. The Ignitor topquilt is true to its temperature rating, and is a versatile and quality product.


  • Moderately lightweight
  • DWR ripstop nylon shell with baffled construction
  • Not constricting, and easy to get into while in a hammock
  • Footbox; able to be closed with snaps and Velcro
  • Baffle at neck/upper torso area to prevent cold drafts
  • Compresses for easy packing
  • Accurate temperature rating of 35-45°F
  • Available from many vendors both online and in stores


  • No head/neck closure means
  • Excessive length on footbox draw cord
  • Below average width of 48"
  • High MSRP of $229.95
  • Footbox velcro can catch on clothing when the footbox is not closed


I found the ENO Ignitor topquilt to be a well constructed and accurately temperature rated topquilt. I tested the Ignitor for a total of 18 nights, six of which were while backpacking. I tested the topquilt in temperatures ranging from 25-45°F. I feel the temperature rating of the quilt is a very conservative rating, as even at 25°F which is 10°F below the quilts rating I was still comfortable wearing only a Capilene 3 baselayer top and a Capilene 2 bottom.

Overall I feel the ENO Ignitor Topquilt is a quality topquilt with an accurate temperature rating, and would be well suited for any hammocker wanting to venture into three-season camping or even into milder four-season camping. The topquilt would also be well suited for someone that wants to save weight from using a sleeping bag, or for someone who finds sleeping bags confining and restricting.

What’s Included:

ENO Ignitor 750fp topquilt, a dwr nylon ripstop stuff sack, and a cotton storage bag.


Overall the quilt seems to be well constructed.  The ENO Ignitor topquilt is constructed of a DWR ripstop nylon shell, with a nylon taffeta liner (denier not available). Filled with a quality 750fp duck down(fill weight not available). Weighing 23 oz it is not the lightest topquilt option, but is also far from the heaviest.

The topquilt has a baffle designed for the neck/upper torso to prevent drafts, and a footbox that is sealable by snaps and Velcro. The footbox is convertible, and the quilt can be used either with it sealed into the traditional footbox shape or open like a traditional quilt. The toe of the footbox can be cinched closed with the draw cord, or left open for venting. The drawcord length on the footbox is a bit excessive, and could easily be trimmed to your desired length to save a little weight.

The neck of the quilt lacks any means to close ot secure the quilt around your neck/shoulder area despite having a baffle to prevent drafts. The velcro on the footbox closure can catch on other clothing and feel rough to the skin if the footbox is not closed. I feel the velcro could have been obmitted from this design and used just the snaps instead of both.







This topquilt performed quite well in my testing. I tested the quilt for 18 nights, the lows ranged from 25°F to 45°F. There were five nights with lows between 25-30°F, ten nights 30-35°F, two nights 35-40°F, and one night 40-45°F. On the nights where the low temperature neared 25°F I sometimes was slightly cool, but far from uncomfortable while wearing a Capilene 3 baselayer top and Capilene 2 bottoms. 

All testing was fair to good weather, with winds ranging in the 5-15mph range, and an occasional light snow or rain. I was using a Warbonnet Superfly tarp rigged in a lean-to pitch for all testing to help block the wind/rain.



Overall I was very satisfied with the ENO Ignitor topquilt. It met most of the expectations I have of topquilts; ease of entry while in a hammock, easy to adjust though lacking a neck/head closure, and was true to its temperature rating.

I feel that the price of this topquilt is slightly high when compared to other comparable underquilts on the market. If ENO lowered the price of this underquilt by about $30-40 to compete with the very popular cottage industries producing underquilts, they would have a much more viable position in the market place. I fear that the ENO topquilts may not stay on the market for any substantial amount of time without a price reduction.

I would recommend this topquilt to anyone that wants to use their hammock in cooler weather, whether backpacking or at home. I would also recommend this topquilt to those who feel constricted in a regular or traditional style sleeping bag.  Especially for those who want to be able to hold and touch a product before purchasing it, as this topquilt is carried by many mainstream outfitters.

Stop using your sleeping bag in your hammock and experience the comfort and less constricted feeling  of a topquilt!

Source: received for testing via the Trailspace Review Corps (Sample provided by ENO for testing and review)


Great review. Thanks!

9 years ago

Thanks for testing and reviewing the Ignitor, TheRambler!

9 years ago

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