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Ecco Track

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Track has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best trail shoes for 2023.

I refuse to throw these shoes out...ever. When the tread has finally worn off, I'll put them in a display case or contact Ecco to get sole replacements. Have not been able to find this model (Track, original) ANYWHERE since I bought them in '97. The Track II is superb as well, but I was never crazy on the look or tread. I cannot praise these shoes enough. If you're lucky enough to find a pair of original Ecco Track shoes, BUY 'EM. You will have NO regrets.

Materials: Leather Gore-Tex
Use: All round and light hiking
Break-in Period: none
Price Paid: $250 cnd

Ecco Tracks are extremely light and comfortable, waterproof (GTX), and good looking. Problem is, they really aren't hiking boots. The sole appears to be a soft natural latex over a dense black foam. The sole is relatively thin and flexible, meaning that you feel every pebble you step on. After a couple of weeks of relatively light walking over mostly easy trails (Britain's Lake District; New Mexico's Rio Grande Gorge), large chunks of the latex had begun to peel off.

The store tells me Ecco doesn't have a way of resoling the shoes yet, but may be coming out with a fix soon. I'll believe it when I see it. Conclusion: These are terrific hiking boots provided you limit your hikes to the local shopping mall.

Materials: Leather
Use: Light walking
Break-in Period: None
Price Paid: $200

This is quite possibly THE most comfortable all around shoe ever produced. It fits in the arch and around the ankle, thus giving a fit that will make you want to burn all of your other shoes. Its also extremely cushanny, which is a plus for me since I'm on my feet for most of the day. exellent shoe for the occasional bird watcher that might also like something to wear for dress casual. I know some people who would wear it backpacking, but since it doesn't have a shank I wouldn't put more than twenty pounds of gear on top of it. It's mostly a boot for rainy days and day hikes.

Materials: oil tan leather w/ gore tex
Use: light hiker, all weather walker
Break-in Period: veeeeeery short
Weight: not an issue
Price Paid: $200

Version reviewed: 96

Great, comfertable boot. Good for just about anything. I love my boot but it is not a heavy hiking boot. Buy this boot for every day to up to a 2 week trip in the backcountry.

Materials: all leather(not one peice)
Use: good with mid weight pack or lighter great for anything but heavy long backpacking
Break-in Period: about a week (all day)
Weight: not sure
Price Paid: $200 (I got it for $160 on sale)

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