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Ecco X Track

The X Track has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best trail shoes for 2020.


Price Reviewers Paid: $160.00


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I needed to replace my hiking boots that I had gotten years ago. They were Pivetta, made in Italy that I had for 15 years.

Well the insides were going out so I needed to replace them. I was at a local mall which had a few sporting goods stores but I didn't see anything 'tough and rough' enough (not to mention 'quality.' So I walked around the mall until I came to a shoe store that had Ecco. I tried on a pair of X Track, walking around the store, then the mall. I went back to the store and told my wife I wanted them. I also told her, I wouldn't have to break them in (that's what they felt like at the time).

The salesman asked how they fit. I said that they fit fine and when I took a step it was like they 'grabbed' my heel (a comfortable grab). He grinned and said that's what good boots were supposed to do.

Well I wore them out of the store. Then we drove to our favorite local hiking spot, a state park. The hike I decided on that day (because I didn't know how what the new boots were going to do to my feet), was a 40% moderate, 60% strenuous 3 hour trip.

Well 3 hrs 40 min later when I got back to the car, my legs were tired but my feet were fine. I had not had to 'break in' the Ecco Tracks, my feet felt fine. I was happy.

Materials: leather
Use: strenuous hiking
Break-in Period: none
Price Paid: $160 US

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