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Evernew Ti Alcohol Stove

photo: Evernew Ti Alcohol Stove alcohol stove


Price Current Retail: $47.66
Historic Range: $45.01-$52.95
Reviewers Paid: $40.00
Weight 1.2 ounces / 34 grams
Fuel capacity 2.37 fl oz /70 milliliters
Width 2.81 in
Height 1.65 in


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This stove does not put itself at the top of the alcohol burner class unless you combine it with the Evernew Titanium wind stand. It does not have a screw cap, is difficult to put out, and it throws a very hot flame mainly straight up (instead of out the sides like a white box side burner). It does cool much quicker than a heavy Trangia and is miserly on fuel if you simmer a pot directly on top only using the side burners.

Now when you combine it with the Evernew Titantium DX stand, then this little burner really starts to shine. If you need a lot of heat the DX stand uses a power plate to reflect heat back toward the burner and superheat the fuel. This should never be attempted with any other stove that is not designed for it. Reflected heat is extremely dangerous and will lead to fuel boil over with heavier metal stoves like the Trangia. This comment is for use of the power plate use only.

In summary, the Evernew Ti stove works great. I recommend the use of a heat exchanger pot to cut fuel consumption by 30 percent and the use of the DX stand to go along with it.


  • Blooms quickly with a blue flame
  • Uses very little fuel on simmer (with a pot on top)
  • Cools quickly
  • Lightweight but not fragile
  • Has a tighter flame pattern than a side burner (which can throw flames up the side of small pots)
  • Fits the DX stand like a hand in a glove with options to use just the base, just the windscreen to simmer, both base and windscreen, and the power plate
  • Does not have a burnable wick as some Trangia look alike stoves do
  • Easy to figure out exactly how much fuel is needed. I need only enough to wet the bottom of the stove to make coffee. Two minute burn is all that is needed.


  • No screw cap
  • No simmer ring
  • Uses a little more fuel at high burn than some other stoves (although this high burn is not wasted when using a heat exchanger pot)

Have used this stove alone and with the DX stand. As stated above, alone it does not shine and I could not see spending the money if you are using a cat can stove now and it fits your pot exactly. In that case, this stove would not offer any advantage.

If you have varying needs like boiling a lot of water faster than most stoves out there and simmering a very small pot or espresso maker, then I recommend this stove with the DX stand. To me that combination can not be beat by any system I have test.

The main objective is to get out and go camping, not sit home and obsess about our gear. Let's go backpacking!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: About 40 dollars on Amazon

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