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Now known for its titanium cookware, Evernew began as a small Tokyo storefront in the 1920s. Originally making aluminum and stainless steel cookware, in the 1990s, Evernew's development manager, Toshio Shiina, started considering titanium for its lighter weight and durability. Unfortunately, no one was making the metal thin enough.

Evernew turned to the city of Tsubame, which had more than a century of history as a source of fine metal craftsmanship. After two years in development, Evernew launched its first titanium cookware in Japan. By 2000, Evernew had developed the capability to manufacture titanium at a thickness of 0.3mm, versus the industry standard of 0.4mm.

Still designed and manufactured in Japan, Evernew products include a titanium alcohol stove, cookware, and accessories.

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Evernew Global
4-38, 6-Chome
Kiba, Koto-Ku

Evernew America
1410 Boyd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033

(323) 266-6212
fax: (323) 262-2089


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