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Evernew Titanium Mug 400

photo: Evernew Titanium Mug 400 cup/mug


Price Current Retail: $32.95
Historic Range: $15.83-$43.96
Reviewers Paid: $17.95-$32.00


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Version reviewed: 400FH

Evernew's Ti Mug 400FH is a ultra-lightest's dream. This single-wall titanium mug is the perfect companion for the backpacker whose cooking style is to heat a cup of water for rehydrating meals. Its small size and folding handles allow this mug to fit in any pack pocket or even in a jacket packet after sipping coffee along the trail. The rubber lid (the mug is sold both with and without it) allows the hiker to drink his hot coffee without burning his lips off


  • Ultra-light
  • Titanium
  • Single-wall construction (use as a pot)
  • Compact size takes up minimal pack space
  • Insulated, folding handles
  • Sipper Lid


  • Limited volume (12.8floz / 400ml)
  • Not for gourmet cooking
  • Questionable longevity of handle insulation
  • Rubber lid can melt if exposed to flame
  • Pricey (like all ti gear)

Conditions of Testing/Use:

This reviewer practices minimalistic cooking techniques. For dinners, I dehydrate my own meals (usually leftovers from home) and rehydrate in foil bags with approximately 1 cup water. Breakfasts are generally instant oatmeal and a cup of coffee. When in a hurry to get on the trail, I will simply rehydrate the oatmeal in my coffee. So, essentially, my cooking consists of heating 2-3 cups of water per day, using an alcohol stove. If I am sharing a stove with someone, I will bring along my MSR PocketRocket to decrease boil times.

Rehydrated Mexican rice and beans in foil bags purchased online.



Since I am a boil-a-cup of water cook, I find the Ti Mug 400FH to be perfect for me. The mug holds 12.8 fluid ounces (400ml), or just over a cup and a half of water. With its single-wall construction, this mug doubles as both my cook pot and coffee mug. Of course, 12.8floz is not a lot of volume. Therefore, there is not a lot of versatility for cooking.

The 400FH on my DIY alcohol stove and windscreen


The backcountry gourmet may cringe at my simplistic style. However, those merely looking for a coffee mug for their mess kit will be enticed with the 2.8oz this mug weighs (2.4 oz if you leave the lid at home). I have found only other titanium mugs hitting that general weight range; nothing I have have seen in plastic or aluminum comes close.

Life is better with coffee!

Dimensions: The compact 3.1 inch x 3.4 inch (7.87cm x 8.64cm) size is both a pro and a con. On the one hand, this mug fits in any pack pocket, or even a jacket pocket.


On the other hand, The mug is almost too small to use with a PocketRocket, and it will not store that stove in it.

The 400FH on my MSR PocketRocket

Pocket Rocket doesn't fit inside

Still, for this reviewer, I find my standard set up to nest within the 400FH—

DIY "Pepsi can" alcohol stove, DIY windscreen, and Sparkie fire starter

So, essentially, my entire cook set takes up 3.1”x3.4” of pack space and weighs 4.15oz (117g), plus fuel.

Rubber Lid:

The 0.4oz lid is what attracted me to this item. I was essentially hunting for a smaller/lighter version of the GSI Halulite Minimalist Cookset, and I felt this fit the bill. Unfortunately, I learned on my first use that the rubber lid does NOT double as a pot lid. I have the melted rubber to prove it.

Note the melted rubber on the bottom left side of the lid.

While the user does not have a pot lid to reduce boil time, he does have the means to drink a steaming hot Cup 'O Joe without burning his lips.

Oh! That's good!

It is worth noting if you already own the 400FH without the lid (or if you melt it!), the lid can be purchased separately. Google part number EBY276 to find it on line.

Folding Handles: Another feature that drew me to this mug is the insulated folding handle (versus the Halulite's rubber pot gripper).

Handles folded in

However, after only 4-5 uses, I have already noted the insulation burning/wearing on the handle's bottom, nearest to the flames of the stove. Only time will tell if this will continue or spread further along the handle.

Burn/Wear on handles

Conclusion: While I wish the sipper lid would double as a pot lid, the 400FH meets my minimalistic needs. I am very satisfied with its light weight and compact size. Definitely worth the money I spent.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $32 (with lid)


Great review. I'm a big fan of having a Ti mug around. I use the GSI halulite system for food, and adding a Ti cup for coffee/tea basically has no real weight penalty and allows me to prep multiple things at once without cleanup in between. I used to think it was a silly luxury to carry such an expensive mug, but it cant be beat for the weight conscious!

7 years ago

Nice review, Goose. Looks like a pretty useful mug!

7 years ago

Another great review...but re hydrating oatmeal with coffee??? Wow, that is some serious efficiency :) It's a good thing you have the pocket rocket and not the has even wider tongs. It's good for supporting larger pots but I was actually hoping to downsize, consistent with the micro's lesser size and weight. Unfortunately, I've found the larger gap in the tongs let cups/pots of this size fall through. Now I kind of wish I had kept my pocket rocket.

7 years ago

That's good to know. I assumed the micro would be smaller. Still, I prefer my DIY alcohol stove.

7 years ago
Joseph Renow

Great review Goose!...oatmeal and coffee together sounds gross...I removed the handles on my pot so I could make a cozy for it...this is a personal choice...but I've never missed them:-)

7 years ago

Optimus Crux stove pot support runs across the face of the burner and nests into the bottom of the canister. Its great! It might be what your looking for.

7 years ago

Sounds good, Ron. Thanks.

7 years ago

I like this mug a lot - it's lightweight, strong, and is the perfect size for a cup of Crystal Light or Tang as well as for hot drinks like tea or coffee.

What's more you can use it quite effectively to heat water directly so you can make a drink for one right in the cup.

I drink a lot and make coffee and tea (and even hot Tang) directly in the cup on top of either my MSR pocket rocket or on longer trips on top of my Jetboil GCS pot holder (but it only just! fits here though).

The other advantage of the 100% titanium is that you can set the cup down near hot coals in a campfire with the handle away from the heat to keep a drink warm pretty much indefinitely.

I have actually recently just bought another Evernew titanium mug - note there is now a versions with 2 folding handles with silicone tube covers - this addresses a concern that the original version is not as packable as it could be due to the fixed handle - I have usually just attached mine on the outside of my pack.

I have also marked my cup with a 1 cup measuring line - I wish it came with a measuring scale embossed/engraved on the inside of the cup.

Overall I love it and never leave home without it.


Price Paid: $17.95

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