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Faber Mountain Master

rated 2 of 5 stars Both snowshoes' decking failed within five weeks. For a “top end” model they sure do leave quality to be desired. Company failed within two emails of asking for help. Poor product, worse customer service. I sourced out a Canadian company to support business in my country. First mistake. I should have gone to a reputable company with fantastic service. MSR, Tubbs, Atlas, etc. Purchased Faber's “Top end” snowshoe as I will be using it in Alberta, Canada. Purchased in January 2019 I used the… Full review

North Cliff

rated 3 of 5 stars A good snowshoe aimed at the recreational market, but that is both reasonably priced and packed with features. It is also designed AND made in Canada. A very good option for someone wanting a trail snowshoe that can handle climbs, steep descents, and a bit of running in a variety of snow conditions, all in the same day. Ease of use: The bindings are easy enough to use and set (pull on the strap in front then in the back), but they are much more finicky than they would seem at first glance. The material… Full review

Bear Paw - Heavy Duty Lacing

rated 5 of 5 stars A wonderful snowshoe for powder and (especially) wet snow conditions. The Faber Bear Paws, Heavy Duty Lacing come in a 14x30 inch version and a 16x30 inch version. Mine are the 16" wide version. The first thing to know about traditional snowshoes is that they require maintenance. They should get at least one coat of spar varnish prior to their first use and between seasons. They should be brought in to dry between uses. Store them in an airy place out of direct sunlight and keep them off the floor… Full review

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Family-owned snowshoe manufacturer since 1870, Faber offers a range of models from traditional wooden snowshoes with rawhide lace to high-tech aluminum and hybrid snowshoes.

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