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How we choose: The best food bags highlighted here were selected based on 23 reviews of 12 products. Our top picks are those that are readily-available in the United States and have received the highest overall ratings from reviewers.

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Top Bear Canister / Food Bag

Ursack Major

user rating: 5 of 5 (2 reviews)

The "tied" and true, Bear discouragement, food containment system, the Ursack Spectra 29 AllWhite, may very well be your best available option for food containment, food protection, and food safety, as well as, ease of use, weight and volume consideration, while on the trail.

Reasons to Buy

  • Trail necessary weight, 242g
  • Strongly voluminous, 10.65L, with little mass
  • Compressible and malleable
  • Simple to use, easy to pack, no tools required
  • Cost, not too bad, $67.89
  • Functions well with LOKSAK's OPSak bag

Reasons to Avoid

  • Proprietary system… not all that bad, though.
  • For best results the Ursack must be combined with LOKSAK's OPSak bag
  • If you opt-out of LOKSAK OPSak bag you may very well attract vermin
  • If optional aluminum liner is not used, food stands the risk of being crushed
  • Sharp, lengthy, small-diameter teeth may find their way through the Spectra material
  • Bag is not IGBC certified, and not approved in certain wilderness areas

The "tied" and true, Bear discouragement, food containment system, the Ursack Spectra 29 AllWhite, may very well be your best available option for food containment, food protection, and food safety, as well as, ease of use, weight and volume consideration, while on the trail. Update May 13, 2014… April 11, 2014… The IGBC test of the S29 passed. April 18, 2014… “We are still awaiting the official certification letter and number from the IGBC, but can share some of the details. At IGBC insistence, we baited an Ursack S29 AllWhite, knotted it securely and placed it on the ground with no aluminum liner and not tied to a tree.

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Primus Campfire Utility Sack

user rating: 5 of 5 (1 review)

Robust and reliable, the Primus Primetech CampFire Utility Sack has many uses from the backcountry to your back door! With its low cost and durability, picking up this versatile workhorse is a no-brainer, must-have!

Reasons to Buy

  • Robust construction
  • Large volume and light weight
  • Multiple uses
  • Low cost vs Longevity

Reasons to Avoid

  • I would add some sort of snap latch

The Primus New Primetech CampFire Utility Sack is a great addition to any outdoorsperson's kit! As a member of another website, at times I am given product to test and evaluate. This is NOT the case this time. I saw the potential of uses for this item if its website claims were accurate. So I purchased it from Primus's website. I believe this may becoming a popular item as it is often out-of-stock. When the CampFire Utility Sack arrived, I was very pleased to find that it folded fairly small and lightweight.

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Simple Outdoor Solutions Outsak UL

user rating: 5 of 5 (1 review)

I had the privilege of being a field tester for the Outsak UL. It is similar to the Outsak, but lighter. Much lighter. I was skeptical before I received the bag for testing. Honestly, I just wanted the free food bag. The weight of the steel mesh was a surprise. It was much lighter than anticipated. I put the Outsak UL to the test for about 2 months. Leaving it in my backyard for neighborhood raccoons, possums, squirrels, and a wide assortment of birds to take their shot at the food that was contained in the bag, unprotected.

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Armored Outdoor Gear Ratsack Cache Bag

user rating: 5 of 5 (2 reviews)

This bag will save the rodent population from me.

Reasons to Buy

  • Rodent proof
  • Raven proof
  • Can be used to store drinks in the river
  • Durable
  • Guaranteed for up to $100!!!

Reasons to Avoid

  • Weight (but if you use this, it's required eqipment)

So I've been an avid backpacker for 20+ years and never knew these existed. I've never had rodent problems where I've been until this last year where I've had two campsites bothered by relentless deer mice in Joshua Tree and a tent ruined by squirrels eating the zipper in Malibu. So while planning a 30-mile trip in the Grand Canyon I became aware that rodent-proof wire mesh bags are required just like bear cans are required in the Sierras. Apparently all the backcountry sites are overrun with rodents and ravens trying to jack your precious freeze dried meals and yummy jerky and trail mix.

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Harmony House Heavy-Duty Clear Zip Pouches

user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1 review)

Tough, reusable food and condiment storage bags with a reliable seal. Heat sealable and free-standing when full. Cost and weigh a bit more more, but last longer than the main alternative.

Reasons to Buy

  • Strong and heat resistant
  • Stand-up gusseted bottom
  • Reliable zip closure
  • Washable and reusable
  • Can be heat-sealed

Reasons to Avoid

  • Cost more per bag than common zip bags
  • More weight per volume than others

A while back I stooped so low as to review a simple plastic spoon. Now I'm going further down that particular rabbit hole for a review of... plastic bags. But they're really good plastic bags! We all know the industry standard, zippable polyethylene bags that come in various weights, sizes, and zipper types. Sometimes the zippers are hard to align, and while these bags often seem air- and water- (and oil) tight, they all-too-often turn out not to be, and can drip liquid contents inside a pack just when you are not looking.

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Hilltop Packs Large Food Bag

user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1 review)

A Hilltop Packs Food Bag is a lightweight accessory for organizing and storing a variety of items inside a backpack, around camp and while visiting trail towns. I especially like that it has a flat bottom, making for a better fit inside my pack and a bag that will stand upright on its own. It's durable, simple, and comes in a variety of colors... even unique custom prints and patterns!

Reasons to Buy

  • Flat-bottom design superior over similar DCF bags
  • Simple snap and roll-top closure—no velcro to snag on clothing
  • Made out of ultralight and durable Dyneema 1.43 oz/sqyd
  • Offered in a variety of colors and prints, including customized prints and logos, conducive to finding your food bag among the crowds
  • Made in USA by a PA family-owned business

Reasons to Avoid

  • Cost
  • DCF stretches and warps slightly over time, namely near the collar of the bag

Background: When I first got into lightweight backpacking, DCF (formerly known as Cuben Fiber) was all the rage. While I now realize not everything in my pack needs to be made from it to be a successful and happy lightweight hiker, I still prize the material for its weight, water-resistance, durability, and ease-of-use. For these reasons, I think it's especially ideal for food bags. Making this case in bullet points: 1.4-1.6 oz/sqyd DCF is durable enough to withstand the pointy edges of food packets and other irregularly shaped items (electronic cables, toiletries, small tools, etc).

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Simple Outdoor Solutions Original Outsak

user rating: 3.5 of 5 (4 reviews)

The Outsak is a great product. On a trip to Utah (Escalante) I recently took along an Outsak, Animal Resistant Storage Bag. It is made by a small company in Flagstaff, AZ. It is a stainless steel mesh sack that keeps small animals from penetrating your food storage. We did about 25 miles trip over 4 days, using this bag as our primary means of food protection. We viewed the videos on the Simple Outdoor Solutions website, and followed their suggestions. We packed our food in lightweight odor proof bags, and put those inside a nylon bag, which we put inside an Outsak.

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user rating: 5 of 5 (6 reviews)

I have a large Grubpack. It heldprovisions for 3 people for 3 days and 2 nights. We hiked the Grand Canyon from Hermit Trail to S Kiabab via the Tonto in May of this year. We had plenty of mice and other small animals, especially at Monument. It was our first time there. I was forewarned about the rodent problem on various forums. I found the Grubpack online. Ordered one and had it here (Montana) in about 4 days. It looks just like they show on the website. I did order mine with the inner pouch.

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