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Gibbs Smith 98.6 Degrees - The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

photo: Gibbs Smith 98.6 Degrees - The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! first aid/safety/survival book


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Best survival book ever. It's a must-read for any outdoorsman.


  • Informative and entertaining
  • Used by SAR teams all over the country
  • Not your everyday survival book


  • Wish it would have been longer

I would and have recommended this book to anyone in search of outdoor survival. It's very informative and yet not boring. It's not just a rewrite of US Army survival manuals like most of the books of this genre.

I've read and reread this thing on many occasions, and it's the only survival based book I've done that with. Cody Lundin is a guy that has years of survival experiance. Yeah he's on TV, but he's the real deal. He takes a stance on survival that not many have done. Instead of covering info like brush shelters, skinning game, and setting up snares to catch the game.... He covers the real killers in the wild. Hypo and Hyperthermia. He goes into detail on what happens to your body and why. What signs you should be aware of when dealing with those 2 big killers, and dehydration.

As I said, guys... this man is the real deal. He's not gonna get you killed by drinking your piss or scaling a cliff with your shoelaces like some "TV survivalists". And he's not gonna bore you to death like others that just rewrite material that's been rewritten 1000 times before.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $10 on Amazon


I like Cody but I also think he take very unnecessary risks. Such as the episode when he was in alpine/mountainous terrain in socks and shorts.

9 years ago

...(sorry, I got cut short by my dumbphone.) But that was beyond foolish and not only showed a lack of self regard for himself but also for his partner as well. Regardless of where you are if you are with another individual you can't ignore common sense because it isn't just about you it is about both of you. I would NEVER expose someone to unnecessary risk just because its "how I roll." That BS works in the desert not on a mountain summit postholing in socks.

9 years ago

I hear you on that man. I think the barefoot thing is way too much for me. Even when he's not kickin it in the snow.

9 years ago

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