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Glacier's Edge

NorthPole, a multinational company based in Hong Kong, is the largest tent manufacturer in the world.

NorthPole manufactures tents for a variety of brands, including Glacier's Edge. However, not every Glacier's Edge tent is necessarily made by NorthPole.

If a tent is a NorthPole tent, its manual, tag on the inside of the tent, and carry bag will indicate it is a NorthPole product.

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Glacier's Edge
Unit A905, 9/F Dragon Industrial Building
No. 93 King Lam Street
Cheung Sha Wan
Hong Kong

fax: 85225258348

Glacier's Edge
North Pole US, LLC
23 Town and Country
Washington, MS 63090

(636) 239-2434
fax: (636) 239-2878