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GoMotion Orion

photo: GoMotion Orion lumbar/hip pack


Price MSRP: $69.95
Historic Range: $47.96-$59.95


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Perfect companion to early morning runs!


  • Light output
  • Comfort
  • 2 button configuration


  • (Sorta) thin straps
  • Pouch movement

Disclosure: The author of this review is a brand ambassador for GoMotion.

I have had the opportunity to use the Orion light belt for about 6 months now and I am super impressed with its performance. I run primarily in the early morning hours—and I like to be seen while crossing roads! I normally run with at least one doggie running companion, so I feel an extra responsibility to make sure we are all safe and visible. 

The light has three brightness settings and I usually use high or medium. The battery life has been great, but then again I use it in a short duration opposed to constantly during my runs. The thing I like best is that there is a dedicated on/off switch opposed to having to cycle though the light settings to turn on and off—a very unique and necessary thing in my opinion.

The rear light is a nice touch as well and seems to have good visibility, but it's not nearly as bright as the headlight. Having a front and rear illumination presence is huge though for me since I use a lot of multi-use trails—it nice to have that "heads up" rear light as well as the "light my path" all in one unit.

The reflective of the belt is very good too. Speaking of the belt, it's a little on the thin side and the loop to prevent the slack from dragging is a little loose, but since the belt is thin it's not a huge deal.

The optional, included pouch is nice and lightweight and allows me to carry my phone easily. I will say it fits an iPhone 6s w/ LifeProof case, no extra room but it does fit! The pouch slides on the belt a bit, but again not a huge deal

Overall I am extremely happy with this belt. I had been looking for such a product for a long time and the GoMotion light checked all the boxes for me.

When the new rechargeable version came out, I jumped at the chance to apply to be an ambassador and am excited to have been chosen to represent a brand which I truly believe in and a product for which I had been waiting. 

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (Brand ambassador for GoMotion)

Disclosure: The author of this review is a brand ambassador for GoMotion and received a sample of the product from the brand or its representative in exchange for a review.

Welcome to Trailspace, Charlene.

5 years ago

Welcome to Trailspace, Charlene. I've wondered about this light, as I see it advertise everywhere. I have a hard time envisioning how well this works if it's not pointing where I'm looking (as a headlamp would). It seems like I'm out of luck if I need to look to my right or left. Can you comment on that?

5 years ago
Charlene BRAND REP

Hi G00SE, the way I use the light to look left/right is to turn the belt slightly or angle the light up/down as its pretty flexible that way. I also turn my body in the direction. I feel its a little less disorienting for me to do this than to use the headlamp (which would be better at the direct light-to-gaze) as its a better height on my waist opposed to the head for me to orient myself. I also carry a handheld sometimes early in the morning when my dogs are on the lookout for things that go bump in the dark

5 years ago


5 years ago

Good info, Charlene. I haven't used a GoMotion (yet), but for me, I've found that occasionally supplementing my headlamp with a handheld (like Knuckle Lights) keeps my eyesight from going wonky. I imagine the GoMotion could help as well.

5 years ago

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