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Haglofs Alaska

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Alaska has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best external frame backpacks for 2024.

For me the Alaska feels pretty much the same whether packed with 5 or 50 kilos. With 50, feet movement gets a little slower though :). I've used the pack in Finnish Lapland for 1 month this summer and am very happy with it. The weight feels mostly off my shoulders and on my waist and chest area. I've found the 25 litre removable bag quite useful when making camp (I carried the food in it for 3). Overall the design is simple, it works and takes alot of beating.

Critisism goes to the plastic knobs at the lower ends of the frame pipes. They fell out the first time getting the frame on with a heavy load (sitting down). I've heard that an upper extension to the frame is available, it would be useful. The frame comes in different sizes, I figure mine is L. I would give the Alaska 4,5 out of 5. A small minus goes for the brand being Swedish but I have to hand it to the neighbors: det är gävlig gott!

Size: 90 litres, framesize L
Max. Load Carried: ~50 kg
Height of Owner: 183

I think that it is one of the best backpacks I have ever tried. I have counted that I used my Alaska for over 500 hours in just walking and skiing with it only last year. And when I am out in the woods walking, I'm not just walking on nice clean path, I'm just go straight out in the forest. So my Alaska has been pretty badly beaten all those hours I've walked with it. But it has no damages at all, so the Alaska is very nice indid for tuff hiking. It's very nice to carry too with many adjustments abilatyes. Therfore you can get it adjust just the way you like it. But the best thing with Haglöfs Alaska is its combination abilatyes. The sack is divided in to two main sections, one large (65 l) and a bit smaller (25 l) thats placed under the bigger one and removable. So when I'm just out over the weekend I just have the large sack and for longer hikes (1-2 weeks) I have bouth sacks.

On the large sack it's placed 6 smaller praktikal pockets and one on the "hippbelt". A good place to cary camery ore binockulars, things that you like to have avelable under the time you walk.

If you like to see Haglöfs Alaska go to the address below.

Design: external frame
Size: 90 l
Number of Pockets: 9
Max. Load Carried: 40 kg
Height of Owner: 185 cm
Price Paid: 2500 Skr

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