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LIM Ultimate Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Really high quality and light running jacket. Can be used for other things, but it is sized in a way that may be uncomfortable to wear additional layers underneath. A very lightweight jacket that is waterproof. Comfortable, but as the other reviewer said the cut is a bit specific for running. Short, but would also be uncomfortable for additional layers underneath if going alpine climbing for instance, unless you get a size larger than normal.  The hood is adjustable with a drawcord on the back… Full review

L.I.M. Power Dry Hooded Top

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Lightweight but pricey airy warmth. The L.I.M. Power Dry Hooded Top is a very lightweight fleece grid jacket that is suitable for all but the hottest times of year. It dries faster than any material I've seen, and is very comfortable to hike in. The grid faces inward and the outer face is smooth. It's thinner than an R1, when held up to the sun you can see through it. It seems to be durable. It isn't showing signs of pack or any other kind of abrasion since purchased 9 months ago, in fact, it still… Full review

Barrier Pro II Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars Lightweight and packable synthetic jacket that is warm for its weight. This jacket weighs just 323 grams (11.4oz). It is obviously not for very cold weather, but it is warm for its weight. On one occasion I was walking in a bitingly cold gale force wind. Where I live the temperature does not go below freezing even in winter, but with windchill taken into account it must have been close to freezing on that occasion. It was certainly cold enough to make me put on my gloves. Yet I felt neither the… Full review

L.I.M Essens Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars Very light and packable. Sitting around a small campfire in the 40°F range with just a thin base layer underneath, it's almost too warm. I judge that to be a good thing. It's very light, almost like a thin plastic shopping bag filled with downy goodness, like if you were holding it and let go the wind might blow it away. So for warmth-to-weight you can't beat it.   I've worn it in light rain and mist for short periods and it doesn't soak up moisture. I can't speak for its durability rock climbing… Full review

Massif Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars Haglofs creates the best soft shell jackets on the market, period. Super breathable (I never broke a sweat in this jacket) and warm (even on a stormy winter day at 4000m). This is a top performing, top-spec lightweight windproof/water resistant jacket. It's a well thought out and executed design with excellent fabrics and great adjustability. I'm a cameraman and so far, after the -30°C of the 4000m on Switzerland's glaciers and the humid forests of French Polynesia, my impression is that this is… Full review

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