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Helikon-Tex Foxtrot Mk2

rated 4.0 of 5 stars
photo: Helikon-Tex Foxtrot Mk2 daypack (under 35l)


Price Current Retail: $149.00
Reviewers Paid: $69.90
Weight 710 g
Dimensions 26 x 18 x 12 cm / 10.20 x 7.10 x 4.70 in
Capacity 5.5 L
Material 100% Nylon


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A well designed and high quality product that was designed for the bushcraft crew and may have application for the hiking crowd. This is an early review with on going experimentation.


  • High quality construction—robust
  • Well designed and thought out organizing pockets
  • Comfortable carry and can carry more than it appears it can
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes in "non-tactical" colours


  • Limited in applications
  • I can not find a way to attach my hydration system to the straps
  • Very difficult to wear with a pack.


Helikon-Tex Foxtrot Mk2

This is a well built, robust product for carrying a day's worth of gear for quick exploration and day hike applications. It is well thought out with all kind of organizing pockets found internally. The waist belt is adjustable and comes with PALS webbing also called MOLLE commonly. The PALS attachment webbing on the belt is also compatible with other systems of attachments for pouches of the users choice.

The configuration in the picture below was what I carried on a recent moose hunting trip in northern British Columbia. I found I was able to carry what I needed for a full day of hunting and hiking in this rig along with the Helikon-Tex Numbat. (I have also reviewed the Numbat on this site.)

Contents as packed on my trip

I could leave camp and hunt all day with this rig. There were limitations. Because of the weather where we were we had to wear rain gear all day. If the weather allowed us not to have on rain gear I would have had to attach those to the pack. It can be done but this would have bulked the top of the pack up along my back. Different pouches attached to the belt would make this easier to mitigate. I think at that point a day backpack is more practical for carriage.

The advantage this product for the area we were in was this product allowed my back to ventilate where a full day pack would not. I am still experimenting with this product with other pouches and drawn no no conclusions yet. 

As far as comfort of carriage, this is a very comfortable rig to tote around. Good padded waist support makes it so. The shoulder harness takes a little bit of the weight off the waist to keep the pack from bouncing. Over all, it is comfortable. There is a good features video at Helikon-Tex's US website. Many YouTube channel content providers have configured this product with other pouches for effective daypack configurations. Corporals Corner has a great video about this pack. 

I will update this review after I have more or less found the right configuration of pouches with this system, but for now wanted to share this pack with anyone who reads this review. It may work for you as well. 


I have been experimenting with this product for about 1 year.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: US$ 69.90


Interesting rig, mountainman. Thanks for sharing it. Is it basically a large lumbar pack with suspenders that you can wear alone or with a pack? And are the suspenders removable?

22 days ago

Yes it is a large lumbar pack. It is comfortable. The suspenders are removable, however they are more comfortable with them. I have reconfigured them and added a bladder carrier. Experimentation is ongoing. LOL

15 days ago

Good luck with the experimentation!

15 days ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

Hey mountainman .. Always great to see military gear being used for civilian outdoor & camping adventures. I have never personally used the foxtrot MK2 or any front tactical fanny packs but I do own several military ammo vests and multi-pocket vests and love them. They are much easier to wear with your pack and less bulky and gives you all your pockets in the front. I use the ammo pockets for all my gear but the vests looks very similar to your Foxtrot MK2 frame with the pockets riding up the chest vs in a bag.

12 days ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

Oh and looking forward to more military gear coming from your posts as they are a welcomed sight

12 days ago

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