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Herman Commander

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The Commander has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best hiking boots for 2024.

These boots lasted me for 10 years of occasional (weekly, on average) use. They are comfortable and, I thought, good looking. I would buy them again.


  • Long lasting, at least for me
  • Looks good
  • Comfortable

I bought mine in 2003 for motorcycle riding. After 6 years, I sold my bike and used these as work boots (being now retired, work consists of digging flower beds and vegetable gardens by pick and shovel, splitting wood, digging up and moving rocks to create borders--weekly stuff, not daily).

They lasted until now, but the sole has split, so I'm looking for another pair.  If I can find them, I'll buy them again.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Don't remember

I bought a pair of these boots in August 2010. I only wear them while riding a street motorcycle. 

At first they seemed like a good boot. They were advertised as being waterproof and have kept my feet dry.

I had only worn them a few times when the lace eyelet rivet pulled right through the leather as I was tightening the lacing on the boot. Since there are two rivets for each eyelet, the eyelet has not completely separated from the boot, but the leather keeps tearing at this spot.

Also, the rubber sole had started separating from the leather uppers. I applied Shoe Goo to this sole edge and this seems to be holding.  I have just applied Shoe Goo to the tearing leather at the eyelet and am hoping it will hold. 

The laces also wore out very fast.

Price Paid: $42.50

Got these as a replacement for my $19.99 K-Mart Specials, for Christmas 2002. Wore them in the puddles the next day, and pretty much every day since then. Didn't take long to quit being waterproof (Seams opened up and the emblem in the arch pushed in while starting a motorcycle) but they're about nine months old and still going strong.

Apparently the "new style" boots aren't as good as the old ones, but I don't see how a company producing a product like this could go out of business. What can I say, these aren't your dad's Survivors, but as soon as these get too clapped out to wear in public, I'm going to get another pair and wear these old ones for work and trail.

Materials: Leather, Nylon
Use: Trail, Work, School
Break-in Period: Little/None
Weight: Pair 5-6 lbs
Price Paid: About $50

I was actually looking for specs for the Commander purchased in '05 or '06 (2524223). I have no complaints - except not finding specs on them. I wear them for commuting and touring on my motorcycle. They fit my wide feet, grip, are comfortable and aren't falling apart.

I guess if you wear any show not designed for fires or lava on fires or lava they will come apart and if you wear ANY shoe or boot 24/7 it will wear out quicker. I was surprise to see many dissatisfied but they aren't all Commander boots

If anyone has specs or a url link please send them. Thanks.

Use: motorcycle
Break-in Period: not required
Price Paid: $30-ish

I have been wearing these boots for over 9 years (not the same pair). They have served me well but they keep changing the tread on them.

I liked the way they were when I started wearing them. I would still buy them with their changes, until now.

Now that they have replaced the 'hooks' with regular 'eyes' or 'holes', I just won't buy them that way.

I wore mine for Pest Control, they lasted about 3 - 4 months before they wore out.

Always comfortable from the get go tho. AneExtremely comfortable boot indeed. Alas, without the 'hooks', I just wont buy the boots without them.

Materials: Leather
Use: Pest Control
Break-in Period: First day
Weight: 250 lbs
Price Paid: + $40

Version reviewed: 2524230

I have Commander 2524230, I love this light boot. But this boot does not have arch support.

This is how I wear my boot. I removed the original yellow insole that comes with the boot and insert the world best Softec Regular made by SOLE and I place the original yellow insole on top of the Softec Regular. Softec Regular provides Moldable Base Layer, Softec Cushioning, Moisture-Wicking Top Sheet, Adjustable Arch Support, Deep Heel Cup & Heat Moldable. Using the original yellow insole that comes with it on top of Softec Regular gives more cushioning. Now I have Arch support plus cushioning.

Price Paid: $38

These boots are awesome. I put them on in the store and it felt as if they had already been broken in, no stiff ankle, bent toe, hardness that you would usually find.

I play paintball in these boots and the field that I play at is 1/3 woods, 1/3 mud and 1/3 ankle deep water. Every weekend I'm down there in the mud and water and running up hills, I've had them for over a year now and there's tons of tread and almost no wear.

Once again: these boots are awesome.

Price Paid: $40

Just found a pair of these Commanders at WalMart for $33.

Bought them for my 14-year-old son who is in the Civil Air Patrol and needed a pair of inexpensive combat/tactical style boots. For only $33, if they wear out in a few months (or sooner) no big deal. Although, it looked like the last pair they had in that store in that size. I may need to get a pair in my size! We'll see how they hold up.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $33

EVERYTHING is Made in China nowadays...I even saw some Danners that are Made in China. So what can ya expect.
In the late 60s I sold Herman Survivors and they were THE best boot out there at the time.

I just bought a pair of Herman Survivor Commanders for desert hiking. So far they seem to be pretty good for the price. But yet the quality just is not what it used to be. Is anything?

Materials: leaher and nylon
Use: desert hiking/walking
Break-in Period: 1 week
Price Paid: $50

I really like the Herman Survivors Commander!!! It is a great boot all around it is great for hiking,work, or simply just for walking. They don't take too much breaking in, the first time put these on they where like putting on clouds!!!

The waterproofing on them works great and I have been in water as tall as them and did not feel and leaking! I would recommed these boots to the outdoors person!

Price Paid: $42.87

These boots are coming apart at the back seam and are less then two mouths old and the soles are wearing out very fast. They are not worth what they ask for them. They are not slip resistant like they claim.

I bought them to replace a pair of Wolverine boots that I wore for about four years before they started come apart. I will not ever buy another pair of these boots again.

Materials: leather upper and man made material
Use: daily
Break-in Period: one week
Weight: 195lbs.
Price Paid: $58

I am actually a female paramedic and I bought these shoes about 8 years ago for work. They are finally just now dying on me.

I love these boots and I hate to see them go. I can't find anywhere to buy them again either. The best work boots I could ever dream of.

If anyone knows where I could get another pair in a size 7, I would be eternally grateful.

Price Paid: $40

My first pair of Herman Survivors boots were bought at around 1990 and they're still in very good condition after I run in them and everything.

I bought my second pair in 2003 and it had modifications added and more comfortable. They're still in perfect condition after I wore them for physical training in the Marines. And I wear them everyday, the only shoe I will wear.

Materials: LEATHER
Use: Everyday, running, PT
Break-in Period: about a week
Weight: 2
Price Paid: $60, my second pair $43

I have a pair of Commander Boots that I have been wearing every other day at work for a year, my other pair of boots are Bates. The Commanders are as comfortable as the Bates and have worn as well. The only downside is the lacing system that open hooks on the leg.

Materials: Leather and Nylon
Use: Work Correctional Officer
Break-in Period: 2 weeks
Weight: 2.5
Price Paid: $60

Love these boots! Very light, very comfortable. Curable as well. I've worn them for about 1.5 yrs.. this is my daily shoe. I'll be buying another pair soon. The uppers are still in great shape but I've worn the heel and sole. Best $40 I've ever spent on shoes.

Materials: Leather & cordura nylon
Use: daily wear
Break-in Period: none.. didn't need it!
Weight: light
Price Paid: $40

Boots are garbage! And there is no way to contact Herman. The phone # on the web site will ring forever.

A year old and one boot looks like it was a re-tread with the rubber pealing off the bottom and sides. Never again! Take responsibility HERMAN!

Great boot for the whopping $40 you have to pay for it. Mine wore out in 4 months but who cares when they are that cheap. They are comfortable and light and I just bought my second pair today.

Price Paid: $40

This is the most comfortable boot I've ever had, and you can't beat the price. I bought them for my EMT Academy uniform and I love the professional look they have.

Materials: Leather
Use: Everyday work boot
Break-in Period: Unknown yet
Weight: about 2lbs
Price Paid: $39.95

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