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Big Timber II

rated 1 of 5 stars Not comfortable anymore. Went to purchase my yearly pair of boots come to find out they change the sole to a solid rubber instead of cork with a rubber overlay. They are very uncomfortable now. The sole may last longer, but what's the point if your feet are sore all day? Full review


rated 0.5 of 5 stars This it the worst piece of crap boot I have ever owned. I bought Herman Survivor boots at Wal Mart and they are complete junk. I bought these for archery deer season.  I put the boots on in my basement game room and walked to the garage to get to my truck, 30 yards. Got to the woods, got out of my truck and walked to my stand 400 yards. Sat in my stand till dusk and started out and halfway 200 yards the right boot sole in the back came loose. I kept walking and within another 50 yards it completely… Full review

Survivors Wilderness

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Not good for anything. Read my review. I bought these at Walmart. They hurt the arch in my left foot from day one and continued until I put them in the trash. The sole on the right foot delaminated quickly, I tried to repair it  with silicone but it didn't last. Sold by Blake USA but made in China. Don't waste your money... Full review

Survivor Big Timber

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Used to love the Big Timber boots, but they changed the soles now they are uncomfortable there is like no arch anymore. Bring back the old soles and they'd be a five star. Used to be the most comfortable work boot I've found. But they changed the soles and now they are very uncomfortable. Full review


Would be nice if first star was pile of sh*t so I could pick it. What a crock. Bought three pairs for me, son, and wife and I have to say when I was a teen you had one of the best boots around. So I buy three pairs telling my family what a great boot you have, but you make my words sh*t like I lied to them because mine lasted one day. I was gluing them back so my son didn't see they were trash, but got caught. I guess what I am trying to say is you made me a liar to my family. So here's a big F… Full review

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Herman Survivor boots sold by Wal-Mart are not the same boots as the original Herman Survivors.


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