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Herman Settler

rated 2.0 of 5 stars

The Settler has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best hiking boots for 2024.

I love these boots!! Although I've only had them for two months. I have to admit that I don't put serious strain on them. I wear them to work sometimes and always to the occasional college football game. I live in a mountainous region and find myself hiking up hills to get to the stadium. These boots have not only proved to be tough but also very sturdy. ++ total plus is the price$.. at 40 bucks you really can't go wrong.

These boots are more comfortable than the pair of Timberlands I owned. I really hated to wear those boots, they were so uncomfortable!! These by contrast are like wearing tennis shoes... except for the weight of the boot. They are pretty heavy, but what the heck, they are survivors right? I really love them because they seem and look undestructable!!!! :) They've proven so thus far.

I just wanted to let everyone know that these boots don't seem to be what everyone makes them out to be. I will keep everyone notified on the status of my Herman Survivors Settlers.

Materials: leather
Use: short hikes and occasional work use
Break-in Period: none. what break in period? these mothers are bad!! which means awesome!!!
Weight: too much. like 3 lbs. approx.
Price Paid: $40

I've been faithfully purchasing Herman boots (Brawny model) for 8 years. They would last between 1 to 1 1/2 years. For some reason they are no longer available.

Most men once you have a good thing change is more painful then pulling teeth. I purchased these boots due to the name on the box. They looked a little lighter duty but I had no idea how poorly they held up. After 2 1/2 MONTHS the sole is wore out and they are cracking right at the bend point at the ball of my foot. These boots would be good for someone who doesn't plan on actually working in them but adding them to their shoe collection because they are a good looking boot but not durable enough to wear daily.

I hope this helps the next person from experiencing the frustration I'm going through trying to get these replaced through the store or manufacturer.

Materials: leather upper Cheap soft rubber sole
Use: work
Break-in Period: less then 2 months
Weight: 7 lbs
Price Paid: over$50 w/ tax

Saw the Herman Survivors at Wal-Mart. At one time the Herman Survivor name was known for its very high quality. I only hoped that quality was still at least good. I wore my Settlers for about 3 months and was very happy with the comfort and fit of these boots. I was very pleased with my purchase. They worked well in the snow and kept my feet dry and warm.

However, they are now starting to fall apart after only 3 months of wear! The glue which holds the rubber soles to the leather uppers is no longer holding things together. Due to this the boots are no longer waterproof and I imagine it will only be a matter of time before the soles fall off.

Price Paid: $50

These are the worst boots I have ever owned. I work as a yard conductor for the railroad and I will admit the ballast is extremely hard on the soles of boots. These boots only lasted two eight-hour shifts before I could take my finger and touch the bottom of my foot through a hole in the bottom.

These boots were very comfortable but the durability sucks. They would be great for people not actually looking for a boot to work in.

Price Paid: $43

These have got to be the worst boots I have ever owned. Got them for Christmas. Within two weeks the seams on the side were coming apart. Now the bottoms are splitting. Yes, the soles are splitting and coming apart.

They were and still are pretty comfortable, but for $50 you'd think you would get a little more wear out of them. Oh, and Wal-mart would NOT refund them after I wore them for what was a little over a week. Beware.

Materials: leather
Use: work
Break-in Period: week
Weight: 190
Price Paid: $49.95

I bought these boots based on the Herman name and previous good experience. However these are by far the worst boots I have ever purchased based on the soles accumulating snow in the heel and making them a real hazard as it actually created a rounded "snowball" on the back, which causes you to slip and fall.

Price Paid: approx. $50

I have flat feet and these are the most comfortable shoes to me, and I have been wearing them for 2-3 years when my arch starts hurting I just go by another pair. But for some reason now I cant find them. So I e-mailed Walmart to see If they could special order them for me.

Materials: leather
Use: to work in
Break-in Period: 1 week
Weight: 265 lbs
Price Paid: $49

I am very unhappy with these....the uppers are ok, but the soles are very slippery, snow clings to them, (if you are short, this trait makes you tall) and last, but worse, is that after only light use, the soles broke completely into, right at the flex point under my toes.

Materials: leather uppers, gore-tex, rest man made
Use: light outdoor use
Break-in Period: ?
Weight: ?
Price Paid: ?

I liked these boots initially. They were comfortable and fit well. But after very little use, the soles split in two down the middle! The uppers are still in good shape, but the soles are not repairable, or replaceable, so they are now junk.

Price Paid: $40

I only had these boots for about 3 to 4 months and the sole cracked in half. These should have lasted much longer.

Materials: leather uppers
Use: day hikes 5 to 8 miles
Break-in Period: 2 weeks
Weight: 195
Price Paid: $45

Version reviewed: 2521781

Settler (item 2521781) has been my choice work shoe for three years. Sorry we can't find them any longer.

Price Paid: approx $40

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