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Highgear Altiforce

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Altiforce has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best altimeter watches for 2024.

photo: Highgear Altiforce altimeter watch

The Altiforce is from Highgear's Tactical line of watches for military and police. The most noticeable is the light weight of the Altiforce compared to the Stainless steal Altis SS (see my other review of the Altis). I hardly notice wearing it.

That said, it seems to be built very solid out of plastic but the heft and weight of the Altis feels indestructible. The weight of the Altiforce is similar to the Suunto.

Display is Negative (or reversed) on the Altiforce. It is sharp and can be viewed off axis without any distortion or number shift. Hands down the cool factor goes to the negative display of the Altiforce. You will have to use the back light much more on the Altiforce with negative display.

Speaking of back light. It is very good and last 5 sec with a single touch. The Altiforce will extend the backlight if you are pushing buttons like setting a alarm or navigating the watch. The Altiforce has a lower button on the bottom of the watch built into the case. Buttons are recessed in on the Altiforce and curve with the lines of the watch. Button push and feel is solid.

Altiforce band is rubber with a black metal buckle. The strap has a catch on the end so the excess band retaining ring will not slip off. The band/strap is very comfortable and fits seamlessly into the watch.

I have checked the Altimeter with each watch the Altiforce and Altis and both read the exact same elevation with maybe a 1 foot difference but both seem to be dead balls on.

I also checked the Temperature and that too seems to read the same. One might read 86.7 and the other 86.5.
The Barometer tracks the same but the Altis reads slightly higher than the Altiforce. The Altis might read 30.33 and the Altiforce reads 30.28. They both have had their Altimeter calibrated for the same amount. My closest report is 30 miles away at a altitude 500 feet lower than I am and theirs reads 30.29. I have tested both of these watches with this source and have found them to differ slightly but I guess as long as it adjust the same amount up and down all things are equal.

Both watches are very similar in function and design. The Altis has a few more memory features and has more display screen options but both do pretty much the same.

Display is very large with several multi displays in each mode. Each mode also has sub modes with in them. Both watches have a time multi display that has the time in LARGE numbers with the altitude, date, barometer, etc.. in smaller size fonts. Very nice.

The Altiforce is like a good pair of lightweight hiking boots. The Altis SS is like a heavy pair of indestructible climbing boots. Both watches should get you out of trouble anywhere in the world.

Altiforce Specs:

Digital altimeter
Working range from -2,303ft to 30,058ft (-702m to 9,164m)
Current, Accumulated and Maximum altitude in ft or m
Altitude resolution 3ft (1m)
Graphic altitude trend display
Altitude/Temperature display
Rate of ascent and descent
Altitude alarm
15 Altitude log book memories with log date, average-ascent and descent, total-ascent and descent, number of hills and total time.
3 Altitude Presets for quick calibration

Digital barometer
Sea level pressure and absolute pressure displays in both mbar/hPa and inHg
Resolution 1mbar (0.05inHg) working range 300mbar to 1100mbar (8.16inHg to 32.48inHg)
Graphic barometer display
Weather forecast
Barometer/Temp display

Digital compass
Graphic compass display with 360° compass bearing
1° resolution
Adjustable declination

Digital thermometer
Resolution 0.1° in °F and °C
Working range +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
Ski Chrono

Input current altitude and base altitude, start chrono / chrono auto stops when base altitude is reached
Calculates speed of descent

Resolution 1/100 second with Max time range 24hr
Maximum 50 laps/20 runs
Times for each lap and split, with best/average laps

Time/Day/Date/Month with Dual Time Zone
12 or 24 hour format
Time/Temp display
Dual daily alarm
Hourly chime
EL backlight system
Mineral glass lens
Water resistant 5O m
2oz (56.7g)
Consumer serviceable battery (1 CR2032)

Price Paid: $150

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Price Historic Range: $99.95-$159.99
Reviewers Paid: $150.00

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