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rated 1 of 5 stars Insta-Fire Fire Starter is product that did not live up to its claims. This user was provided a package of Insta-Fire that was suppose to light up to four fires. However, I was unable to light even one in wet conditions. Let me start by saying my fire building skills are probably less than PillowThread's. That is why my rating is so different from his. Let me go back to the beginning... I wouldn't call my neighbor Carrie a “groupie,” but she sure loves to bring me stuff to try in the outdoors. Full review


rated 3.5 of 5 stars InstaFire is an easy-to-use granulated firestarting material and fuel which lights readily with a match or lighter, burns cleanly, and doesn’t blow away in wind too easily. It comes in sealed pouches which stow easily in a backpack or pocket. Best For: Backpackers traveling in areas without abundant tinder material, or in very wet areas where dry tinder cannot be found. Anyone who does not or cannot spend the time to look for dry tinder. InstaFire would make a great addition to any emergency… Full review

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InstaFire is a fire starter and fuel for all conditions made from a patented blend of recycled wood, inert minerals, and paraffin wax.


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phone: (888) 482-4868


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