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Integral Designs Bugaboo II Bivy

rated 1.5 of 5 stars

Integral Designs is no longer in business, and the Bugaboo II Bivy has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best bivy sacks for 2023.

photo: Integral Designs Bugaboo II Bivy bivy sack

Great material, almost nailed it, but flawed design.


  • Material
  • Weight
  • Simplicity


  • Center zipper

This version seems to be an evolution of the well known Integral Designs Salathe Bivy.  

A simple, fairly lightweight, but also burly durable bivy. Material is improved. Simple brim is perfect. Lots of pluses.

However, the new center zipper appears to be a choice of form over function. The older versions had two symmetrical partial side zippers. Obviously one zipper versus two means weight savings. I can only assume this is the reason they went to a single zipper.  

Unfortunately, if you are using this bivy as it is supposed to be used in serious wet conditions, the zipper is problematic. No matter what the design is, adjusting clothing or anything inside a bivy in the middle of a heavy rain storm will allow a little moisture in. Side zippers allow you to keep it manageable.  

The front zip just lets water pour in. It even pours in as it drips off the brim. While it may have seemed like overkill to have two side zippers, the ability to loosen both a little would allow you to have enough loose material to make a slow clothing adjustment while allowing minimal weather in. The two side zips were also nice in more pleasant weather as you could comfortable hold a book or such while nestled in.

Sadly, this one flaw trumps the rest of the great design features.    

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Price Paid: $240

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