Jackson Kayaks Big Rig

photo: Jackson Kayaks Big Rig sit-on-top kayak
Backcountry.com says:
Don't let the name of this boat lead you astray--the Jackson Kayak Big Rig Sit-On-Top Kayak isn't a bull in a china shop. This wide-bottomed beauty slips through the water fast, so the fish aren't savvy to your encroaching watercraft, and the Stand Assist leaning post keeps you upright when a rodeo ensues after you hook into that bid old hog fish. If you shop in the big and tall section and hunt down fish that would shop there as well, the Big Rig is the boat you've been craving for all these many years.At 37 inches across, the Big Rig takes the prize for the widest fishing platform from Jackson Kayak. While most people would probably just enjoy the stability by standing or engaging in some fish grappling, others have been known to throw down a headstand or two--in their boat that's on the water. The Stand Assist leaning post gives you a solid place to rest your weary bones when you can't sit down. The bar lies flat on the deck when you want an unobstructed view of the world around you. The Elite Seat 2. 0 with fully adjustable lumbar support won't leave you flat on your back in agony when you decide to go fishing for 12 hours straight.Much like its 18-wheeled namesake, the Big Rig teems with storage options. The Rod Troughs run along the sides of the boat to give your rods a safe ride to and from the truck. On-deck rigging up front and in back complements the bow and stern hatches for a multitude of packing options. Built-in YakAttack Gear Tracs mean you decide what goes where to optimize your fishing fun. Other features on the Big Rig include two Ram Tough Tubes, one Ram 2007 rod holder, two Plano tackle boxes, and a Jackson Kayak Nalgene bottle.


Price Historic Range: $1,699.00-$1,748.95


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