Kelly Kettle Aluminum Base Camp Large Kelly Kettle

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photo: Kelly Kettle Aluminum Base Camp Large Kelly Kettle wood stove


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This product is fantastic at what it is supposed to do, but be wary of the durability. The aluminum can bend and make the product unusable without hammering it back into place.


  • Boils in 6-8 minutes
  • Uses little fuel


  • Durability!

Everything about the Kelly Kettle is easy to use, and it's great for anyone who needs to boil water quickly without packing fuel. I've used it several times over the last year with no problems.

However, I recently packed it into a checked bag (for the first time) for a trip to South America, and when I brought it out the bottom was bent so badly that the top wouldn't sit on it without falling. It was packed in the middle of my bag surrounded by clothing to keep something like this from happening.

Luckily, because it's so soft I've been able to hammer it back into being usable, but it's definitely not pretty anymore. I doubt I'll take it on a plane again.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Kelly Kettle because of how well it works.  But, because of the huge durability problem with the aluminum, the steel version would be a better choice. 


Source: bought it new


I just watched the video at the bottom of this page, and that is one clever cook system! Thanks for sharing this review, Casey. Sorry to hear about your travel problems.

6 years ago

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