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La Sportiva Women's Mythos

photo: La Sportiva Women's Mythos climbing shoe


Price MSRP: $130.00
Current Retail: $45.99-$145.00
Historic Range: $11.00-$145.00
Reviewers Paid: $40.00-$139.95


3 reviews
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4-star:   1
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Great comfort, perfect multi-pitch and all around shoe—very durable.


  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Slab, smearing, chimneys, for vertical


  • Has a weird squeaky sound on the sole, maybe due to my footsole not fitting it perfectly (in cold weather)
  • for someone looking for extreme precision, this is not it

I had my Mythos for three years and have climbed with it on rock—usually sport climbing, vertical walls, slabs, chimneys, and multi-pitch. I have found it really comfortable (for me a big plus, as I cannot endure pain in my feet for climbing. I simply cannot stand shoes that cause me pain in the foot/toes), and it does not have any of the new "plastic in the sole" P3 technology that La Sportiva does now (which makes your foot not feel the rock at all—I do not like that).

So it is kind of a traditional "soft" shoe, still holding the ankles, the sole is flat, not like new aggressive shoes, but your foot learns the rock that way and your foot arch gets stronger too (compared to the artificial plastic hard lining. I have a pair of Katanas and I cannot use them because of not feeling the rock and pain). I do yoga, so also a reason why my feet are strong and prefer softer shoes.

I actually can climb 7a-c little edges with these and smear against the rock. The rubber is great. Even though they aren't really for edging, and with time the original edge has worn off, but I can still use them for it! I bet your foot learns to work better in such a shoe.

These are my second shoes and they're still in perfect condition after 3 (no need for resoling, no holes in the rubber yet), but i use them in alternance with a boreal. I am really amazed by how well you can climb with these shoes, how your foot learns the rock, and you can smear it into little edges.

Regarding size, my feet are size 39 and the shoes are 37 (in Katana laces, I bought 38,5).

Sure, I am thinking of getting a more precise shoe (but not Katanas, maybe Cobras?) something that's comfy, holds the ankle well, all around, but gives a little more precision on the front for small edges. 

All in all, my favourite shoe, I really recommend it to those who seek comfort, traditional old school shoes. I actually have a great climber friend—he's 60, has put up loads of 7-8c routes in these exact shoes in the late '70s and '80s and he is still using Mythos to climb :) - I was proud to see that we are using the same shoe. 


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 100 euros


Welcome to Trailspace, Ildiko! Thanks for the helpful review of your pair of Mythos. Do you have any pictures of them you could show others in your review?

4 years ago

Thanks for the review, Ildiko!

4 years ago

Hi Alicia, I added a picture :)

4 years ago

Great! Thanks, Ildiko.

4 years ago

I absolutely love these climbing shoes! My biggest surprise with these shoes was how well I was able to smear on the wall with them. I have had difficulty finding a shoe that is better than these.


  • Good for smearing

I definitely recommend this shoe. It fits perfectly and just molds to your foot. It is very comfortable and doesn't take too long to break in. I can wear these shoes all day if I wanted to and they don't pinch my toes as bad as some shoes do.

Although, I would love to find a climbing shoe that will give my ankle some support, these are very nice, and I never hurt my ankle in them.

Source: bought it new (I bought this from and got an amazing deal on it!)
Price Paid: $139.95


Thanks for sharing your rock shoes review, Lauren. Welcome to Trailspace!

7 years ago

Great for practicing footwork, felt the best when comparing shoes. I felt like I could really grow into it--my foot's second layer for climbing. Laces get in the way, but I double-tie them with no problem, and for some reason still prefer laces over velcro.

Use: in the gym or on the rocks
Break-in Period: didn't take forever to break in either
Price Paid: $40 - eBay!

rated 4.00 of 5 stars All Mythos versions

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