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LifeSaver Liberty

photo: LifeSaver Liberty bottle/inline water filter


Price MSRP: $99.99
Current Retail: $82.71
Removes Virus—99.999%, Bacteria—99.9999%, Cysts—99.99%
Flow Rate 1.2 L/min


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Water purifier that does it all, even on an easy Sunday morning hike in the forest!


  • Cleans everything
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy in use
  • Also to be used as a small bottle
  • The kids love it!


  • Size of a 1 liter bottle
  • Weight appr. 430gr
  • You need to store it with a bit of water in it (do not forget that)

"Found a picture in my phone, my daughter made a picture of me, from my best side, using the filter in a stream on a sunday morning, filling the filter with the hose."

My first review ever, and in English, so I hope you can read/understand this.

I cannot say that I am the most active outdoor person in my country, just consider myself as an outdoor enthousiast. Like walking, hiking with the family on a Sunday or on a holiday.

In the Netherlands where we live we have very very good tapwater, so for daily use we do not need a filter. But to complete your camping/outdoor gear it always good to have one. And we bought the Icon Lifesaver.

Why? Well, we're Dutch; we won't pay much but we want the good stuff!

Effectiveness: This filter filters everything what a filter can do, it removes: Virus – 99.999%, Bacteria – 99.9999%, Cysts – 99.99% and you don't need chemicals or electricity. It is a filter plus carbon disc, contains 400ml water (like a bottle), even my kids can use it (7 and 10 years old).

Speed & Efficiency & Capacity: It can clean 2000 liter, then the filter stops, they call it FailSafe technology – Once the filter membranes are blocked, water can not pass through, keeping users safe. it filters around 1,2 liter per minute, which is enough for us as a family to use it on a hike or a camping trip.

Ease of Use: Open the bottom, fill it up with water (you can scoop it up from the source) then close it with the bottom which is also the pump. Put pressure on it by pumping three times. Then open the top, unlock, and fresh water comes out; you can drink it straight from the filter. You can use the hose to keep on pumping. We use that to fill the pan for cooking or to fill a bigger bottle. So easy, we now always take the filter on a Sunday walk instead of bringing water with us.

Features: Comes with a hose, with a small manual. You need to prepare the filter before first use. Filter cartridge is replaceable. No strenuous sucking or pressing required. Easy to use Flow Valve to control flow rate. Transparent windows to see water level. Hook on lid for your carabiner. SteriTouch antimicrobial materials used

Construction & Durability: Yes. Firm product, easy handling, nothing negative so far. I alway carry a small cloth to dry the outer after use.

Conditions: Used it for eight months now, on Sunday hikes, holiday trip in Sweden, camping in Holland. The fun is, we use it more than expected. Long walk in the woods? Bring along the filter.


It is not our first water filter, but after a few years you need a new one, so we bought this Liberty. First was more for the holiday, but it is so easy to use and in the forest near our town there are some rivers and streams so we use it also during these 3-4 hour walks.

In Sweden we used it in streams and lakes. We did not use tap water because this was an extra part of the holiday experience for the kids.

So, final words, it's a keeper!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 100 euro, well, 99,95


Welcome to Trailspace, Olaf!

3 years ago

Nice review. I'd love to see some photos of this purifier in action.

3 years ago
Olaf Baas

good point! let me see if I have that, normally I am not such a photographer. I just try to remember, but my head is not USB-connected :)

3 years ago
Olaf Baas

I did find the video of a review, this was the video that meade me buy one.

3 years ago

Thanks, Olaf!

3 years ago

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