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LifeSaver Bottle

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Well, I bought this item with some excitement thinking this was my answer to using chemical tablets and boiling. Was I wrong. I read all the positive reviews and watched the videos and thought this was my answer to hiking in the wilds and minimizing weight. When I got the item I followed the instructions to the letter primed etc and noticed small deposits of carbon from the filter passing and settling at the bottom of a test glass, but put this down to it being new. Went away for the weekend and… Full review

LifeSaver Bottle

rated 3.5 of 5 stars I received my bottle yesterday and I read the instructions and primed it. The bottle works very well. It doesn't explode or choke your kids and you won't void the warranty by filling it with orange juice — provided you RTFM! Great product, somewhat expensive investment, but I guess you have to pay for the technology. Read the instruction manual and it will work for you. I have not field tested the bottle yet, so no comment on practical use. Full review

LifeSaver Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars The LifeSaver 4000 Bottle is a cinch to use, easy to carry and very practical. Simply dip the unscrewed open end into a water source, close the end cap and pump a few times. Open the drinking spout and guzzle. It's that simple. Made in the UK, it's high-tech, durable and tough. The LifeSaver water bottle filters down to 0.15 microns so is capable of removing viruses without the use of chemicals. Something most portable water filters (if any?) can claim. Purportedly, with ease, it can filter murky… Full review

LifeSaver Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars Bring it along as your main supply of water, but be sure there's actualy water to filter wherever you're going. Otherwise, use it as a backup to water you bring along. It's very light and easy to carry and works very, very well. We used the Life Saver 400 bottle on a 3-hour hike in 30 degree weather and filtered all of our drinking water from small streams and clear pools. Absolutely no trouble whatsoever and it supplied water for 2 adults, our eleven year old daughter and 13 year old son. We dipped… Full review

LifeSaver Bottle

rated 0.5 of 5 stars It doesn't work — we used it in Canada. Carbon filter crumbled nearly choking my 5-year-old. It leaked everywhere and we still got Diarrhea. On our return we investigated this British company, they pretend to be humanitarians but are not. Don't buy these products. I'm too upset to write a detailed review.  Full review

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As of April 2016, LifeSaver is in business again under the company Icon Lifesaver.


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