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Limmer Boots Mid-Weight

photo: Limmer Boots Mid-Weight backpacking boot


Price MSRP: $380.00
Reviewers Paid: $225.00-$372.00
Average Weight 4 lbs per pair (size 9 Med)
Use off-trail, multi-level hikes on a variety of terrains
Outer 3mm top grain, chrome-tanned outer upper, crafted from a single piece of leather
Lining breathable all leather lining
Shank/Innersole full-length nylon shank and leather innersole
Midsole 5.5mm partially expanded Aviafle rubber cushion midsole layer
Outsole 8mm Yellow Label sole
Construction Norwegian Welt (double stitch)


6 reviews
5-star:   5
4-star:   1
3-star:   0
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1-star:   0

Wonderful leather, clearly well made hiking boots.


  • Beautiful leather, what blem's?
  • Lighter than the Alico Guides
  • All in all quite comfortable prior to break-in


  • Laces turn out to be a little short if I want to use two surgeon's knots while tying them.

Just pulled the trigger on a pair of the overstock or blemished midweights. I had been working through hotspots in my Alico New Guides purchased at STP; took them to a cowboy boot cobbler a few years ago and he said that the left and right boot were constructed by different people. Guess they just weren't up to snuff from his POV.

Am on the second day of breaking in the boots (or my feet); took them off at first ankle soreness yesterday, but today things are progressing nicely. I estimate a month at least of casual wearing before I'll attempt something challenging which is fine as I am landscaping at my mom's house, she lives on a glorified sand bar (old boss' quote).

I will update as the process progresses.
Have another pic after greasing but I guess that this website hasn't kept up with apple picture wise so no new pics can be uploaded. I'm liking them now that my feet have been accustomed to them and am glad that I resisted the urge to get standards, and possibly had a similar experience that I had with the alico guides.

Update, took a pic with an old 5 and low and behold it works. Funny. 

Aged some



Have been hiking on and off in the Green/White Mountains as well as Rockies and Sierra Nevada.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 372 OTD

Jake W

these are beauty!

2 years ago

Nice looking boots, Steve! Please keep us posted on how they work out for you.

2 years ago

Last trip I noticed my Lightweights were starting to pop seams at the toe. Got in touch with Pete Limmer to see about sending them in to be resoled and then ordered another pair online to hold me over while he does his thing. I too ordered from the overstock sale and am glad to see you didn't have any blemish issues. This will be my third pair of Limmers as I got the Standards first before falling in love with the Lightweights.

2 years ago
andrew f.

thanks for the initial observations. they make great boots. i have worn a pair of standards since 2005 and a pair of lightweights since 2007. the standards have been resoled once, the lightweights are heading in that direction. you're smart to wear them 'around' for a while before hitting the trails. though they don't cater to a lightweight crowd, their boots last a really long time and feel great once broken in.

2 years ago

Thanks for the update, Steve. Can you send us a message to explaining the circumstances where you couldn't upload any pictures? Thanks!

17 days ago

Heavy duty, will eventually conform to your feet, may outlast the wearer.


  • Great support on rocky trails
  • All leather construction
  • Rebuildable
  • Boot stretcher can help with hot spots


  • Takes a long time to wear in
  • They will never get longer...only wider

I have over 500 GPS miles on these boots, including the 110-mile Tour de Mont Blanc. When you are out in the middle of nowhere, you don't want your GoreTex booties to rip, or your glues to unbind, or whatever miracle material du jour letting go.  

I am 61, and old school on many things. If you are going from your Lexus to spend a few hours on the trail all plugged in to your fitbit and iPhone...these are quite heavy, and a bitch to break in if your feet don't fit the standard size.

I am a 11EE in Danner, and had to use a boot stretcher to resolve a hot spot. If you are patient enough, you can eventually get these boots to conform to your foot. But when you do, the organ music will play and the cherubs will flutter about, because now you have the last hiking boots you will ever need.  

They are reasonably waterproof if you have recently greased them up. If your GoreTex bootie tears in your new fancy now have all that unusable material in your boot. After a day of hiking, these will freeze up if you store them below freezing over night. They will unthaw, but only after they warm up..

Add some SuperFeet insoles and Darn Tough socks, and you are good to go for many, many miles. Don't forget the flat Kevlar shoelaces Limmer sells...much better than anything around.

Source: bought it new


Welcome to Trailspace, Tom! Thanks for sharing a review of your Limmers with us. I'd love to see a few pictures of your pair in your review, if you have some to share.

5 years ago

Welcome, Tom, and nice first review. Would love to see some pics.

5 years ago

I backpack and day hike mostly solo, and have gimpy knees, so I am concerned about support. I knew Limmers had a great rep so I thought I'd try a pair. Not the custom, but standard-sized line of midweight. Boy I was not disappointed!

I'm 55, maybe a bit of old school, but I love the feel of quality leather on my feet, and I trust that. I actually enjoy the experience of boots breaking into my feet during break-in period. Expert workmanship plus quality leather means a boot I can walk in all day, day after day, and no blisters or discomfort.

They are heavy by many folks' standard today, but I found I got used to that. It's a compromise in getting the stability and incredible fit. The fit is due to the leather that molds on your feet over use/time, and yes there is a break-in required that many of the modern lightweight materials do not have, but you can't beat the fit.

I use gaitors, low for dry day hikes, high for backpack and wet hiking. With those, and keeping my boots treated with Limmers' boot grease, they are absolutely waterproof. I walk through trickling streams and swamp with no problem. The grease treatment doesn't begin to wear off until several rough trips have gone by. They protect my ankles well over talus and loose rock trails, no knee issues at all.

I would agree with other owners, that this "midweight" is a heavy midweight. It will take a lot of punishment! I've no doubt that Limmer lightweights would easily suit most people's needs for a midweight backpacking boot. This was a wise investment.

Materials: leather and leather lined
Use: extended backpack, rough trail, dayhikes
Break-in Period: about 40 miles
Weight: 3 pounds
Price Paid: $300


  • Unbeleivable fit, comfort, and protection


  • Weight

Had my first pair of Limmers Standards working on the AMC Trail Crew in 1969 and 70. They lasted 21 years and 4 resoles.

After a ~30 year hiatus I purchased the stock Mid-weights. Lov'em, they fit great right out of the box, although they will require a good break-in period.  I'm 64 and certain these will be the last hiking boots I will ever have to purchase.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $350


Welcome to Trailspace, Keith. I would love to see a picture of your "last hiking boots!"

6 years ago

After a lengthy break-in period I used these beefy boots on a five day bp trip on Isle Royale. They provided excellent ankle support,great traction, and above average protection from wet weather (being all-leather,they are not 100% water proof). Since then, these have been my boots of choice for all my bp trips.The heel fit is the best of any stock boot I've ever worn! These boots are stiff and require a patient break in period. The boot grease sold by Limmer works well for softening and waterproofing the leather.

Materials: One piece leather upper
Use: Off trail, up to 45lb. pack
Break-in Period: 2 months
Weight: 3lb.5oz. mens 9.5
Price Paid: $260

These fit like a glove right outta the box. The leather is MAGNIFICENT!!! Sorta the Coach bags of hiking boots. The shank is VERY rigid and would seem to provide very good support (I couldn't bend 'em). The kinda boot that you'll have for a generation and they seem like the kinda boot that will become better friends as you grow old together.

ABSOLUTELY worth the investment!!!

Update: June 6, 1999

Just an update on the Limmer Mid-Weights. Just completed a fifteen-mile circuit on CT's Nehantic trail with a 65 lbs. pack. Here's the verdict: The Limmers are the absolutely BEST purchase decision I have ever made and are worth many times their weight in gold!! 'Nuff said.

Materials: Leather hiking
Use: rough trail/heavy pack
Break-in Period: None (Zero!!!)
Weight: 4 lbs.
Price Paid: $250

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