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photo: LokSak OPSAK waterproof soft case


Price Historic Range: $6.93-$19.99
Reviewers Paid: $14.00


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Heavier duty plastic storage bag designed to block odors. Can be used for food storage, trash hauling and dirty clothes. A lighter weight option for backpacking when you're more concerned about critters getting into your food than bears.


  • Effectively blocks odors
  • Higher mil rate for durability
  • Various sizes available to accommodate your needs


  • Fairly expensive
  • Zip lock feature seems a little weak

In mid-July I was joining a buddy of mine for a few days during his through hike of the Colorado Trail. When I met up with him prior to the trip he showed me these OPSAKs he had for food storage.They claimed to block food odors and from what we'd read regarding the Colorado Trail, this was recommended to keep varmints from sniffing out your food at night. We were not too concerned with bears so carrying bear canisters was not planned.  

When I went to the downtown Denver REI to buy them they were out so I bought the aLOKSAK thinking it would accomplish the same thing. A few days before I planned to leave for the trip I packed my food in them (one was a curry spiced meal) and then packed those two bags into my food carrying bag. The next day I opened the carrying bag to add something else and was surprised by the strong curry smell. So lesson learned, the aLOKSAK is not the same as the OPSAK.

The next day I went to a different REI and got the OPSAK kit and repacked my food. I performed the same test the next day and to my human nose, no odors were getting through.

I met my buddy over the weekend and backpacked with him for 3.5 days. I had no problems with durability and no problems with critters getting into my food at night. I didn't hang my food bag, just left it in my backpack under my vestibule.  

My only real concern for these bags is the zip lock feature. I'm used to normal baggies having a real secure "zipped" feeling and these bags don't have that ultra secure "zipped" feeling. They feel like they could come open too easily (even though they didn't on the trip). I just pressed all the air out of them before closing they stayed shut.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $14

A very expensive zip top bag, sturdier than a freezer bag but not by much, blocks most odors but not all, not worth the extra cost.


  • Scent barrier
  • Large size
  • Washable


  • Cost
  • Low durability

I was hoping LokSaks would solve my food organization needs with a reusable eco-friendly bag as well as work as a scent barrier while traveling areas with a decent bear population. They are nowhere near as heavy duty as I was looking for.

Before heading out for a few days I packed two large bags with food, one for myself, one for my partner, and had the third as the garbage bag. The first night in camp both bags holding food has small holes across the bottom from being set on the ground, bags were not over filled or abused. I was able to wash and dry bags upon returning home but will not be able to use them again as desired.  

Overall I am disappointed I spent so much on a slightly sturdier zip top. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: (3) for $13

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