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Lowe Alpine Snowpeak 50

The Snowpeak 50 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best winter packs for 2021.


Price Reviewers Paid: $99.00-$115.00


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Lowe Alpine has a nice convertable backpack here. I am a college student that also hikes. For the most part I use my Snowpeak for carrying my books back and forth to class. The backpack compacts down to a very nice size so that it doesn't look like you are out on an expidition on campus. It also expands very nicely to hold enough for a light overnight or a well equiped day hike. I suggest that you try to keep something bulky and light at all times in the bottom of the pack (coat, sweats), if you have just books in the bottom you carry the weight too low and it can do a number on your back.

Overall I am pleased with the pack for the money. If you need something that can be versatile, and that has the capacity to take you on a hike but doesn't look like you are going to the peak of the mountain than this might be the pack for you.

Also, my torso is quite long and because the pack does not have any stays, it fits my torso better than most internal frame packs.

Design: Large Rucksack
Size: 3100
Number of Pockets: 1
Max. Load Carried: 35lbs
Height of Owner: 5'9"
Price Paid: $99

I have had this pack on many different kinds of hikes, everything from the snow to hot desert trips. In my opinion this pack is an exceptional one for overnight trips, but doesn't quite have the capacity for anything longer. The space in this pack is 3500 ci and does have to be packed pretty good or the balance will be wrong and believe me, you will be able to tell, It is a good sturdy pack though and seems to be built really tough. Overall I think its a great overnight or day pack and doesn't cost a whole lot, good pack for the money.

Design: rucksack
Size: 3500
Number of Pockets: 1
Max. Load Carried: 55 lbs
Height of Owner: 6'0"
Price Paid: $108

Not too pretty, not alot of frills. It's one big sack. It has one pocket, in the top. I've used it alot for overnight trips. I've had nothing break, or come loose.

It has to be packed extremely well to not look like it has scoliosis. If it isn't packed perfectly, it'll let you know in the first couple of steps. There are two compression straps on each side, but I don't feel like they do a whole lot. I'ts tough as nails. I've abused it quite a bit in the past year. The key is packing right!


ITs a good, sturdy pack. Well worth the money.

Design: rucksack
Size: 3500
Number of Pockets: 1
Max. Load Carried: 15kg
Height of Owner: 6'6"
Price Paid: $115

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