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Meindl Island Pro MFS

rated 3.5 of 5 stars
photo: Meindl Island Pro MFS backpacking boot


Price Reviewers Paid: $250.00


3 reviews
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Comfortable, well fitting (MFS), rugged boot suited for everything from walking about town to alpen trails and light climbing.


  • No break-in required
  • Excellent fit with use of MFS
  • Well made
  • Comfortable


  • Vibram sole wears quickly under heavy use.

These boots fit like they used a personal last for my foot. I think that is mostly due to the last being very close to my foot shape and the MFS they use in this model. These boots wrap your foot securely in the MFS and do not allow movement inside the boot. Almost like an extension of your foot.

This is my second pair of this same model. I bought the Anthracite color first and liked them so much I wanted a pair in brown so I bought those too.

Support is excellent, though the Meindl inserts are hard. I replaced them with Timberland Pro anti-fatigue inserts, and also put them in my Ortlers too.

Never had a water problem with seepage or leaking on either pair of these boots.

Traction is fine on surfaces that I've used these on such as trails, concrete, gravel, and earth. The soles seem to wear fast and it is near impossible to find a cobbler that can re-sole these boots, but it can be done.

My only gripe is that the left boot second eyelet on the right presses down hard on my big toe nuckle unless I'm wearing thicker wool socks or place a pad on my socked foot on this spot. It can be quite uncomfortable/painful. I don't think that is a fault of the boot, though some padding under the eyelets over the rivet head on the inside of the boot would be an improvement. 

These boots show no signs of failure either at the outer sole line, stitching, or even the original laces. Money well spent and overall I'm very pleased with both pair.


I have two pairs of this boot, and in addition two pairs of Danner Mountain Light II's and a pair of Meindl Ortler. Also a pair of Haix Airpower 7, Belleville Navy deck boots and Adidas GSG9 boots (x2).

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Around $250 US


Welcome to Trailspace, Michael! Thanks for sharing your first gear review with us.

5 months ago

Very disappointed. Brought them a few years ago now and with very little use found signs of the soles coming off, to a point where they are unusable. Have about five pairs between a few mates, with two pairs failing the same way. Happy to provide photos.

They were my second pair with my first pair just too small, my mistake. So could I recommend them? Probably not. Google the problem and read for yourself. Maybe there was a manufacture or material change. I don't know, but I won't risk the money again.


  • Tough
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof


  • Issues with the soles coming off

Excited to finally have a good pair of boots, got them on sale to only realize I had bought the wrong size. I was so happy with the boots in general I decided to spend the money and buy another pair.  

With very little use, these boots started to show signs of the soles coming off to a point where they are now unusable. I did speak with the importer at a show in Sydney, to possibly get resoled. He told me it would cost $200, which was disappointing. I have tried to re-glue them myself which failed.

Between a few mates we have five pairs between us, with two pairs failing exactly the same way.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. On doing some research, I found that there was plenty of talk on the net about this exact same problem. So read for yourself.

Still trying to speak to a repairer to get them repaired. In the meantime I will probably look at another brand. These are not a cheap pair of boots. I expected more.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $450


Welcome to Trailspace, Stephen. Thanks for sharing your experience with these boots. I'd be curious to see some pictures of your boots in your review.

6 years ago
stephen mcdonald

Alicia will take some photos tomorrow and try to post them

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing that picture, Stephen. It's too bad your Meindls are coming apart like that.

6 years ago

That boot looks like it's had more than "very little use".

3 months ago

Great boot, very comfortable, bulletproof. Very, very poor after-sales service.


  • Comfort
  • Load carrying
  • Supportive


  • Customer service
  • Grip in slippery conditions could be better

Had these for about four years and done many backpacking/trekking kms both in ANZ, Europe, and Asia. Extremely comfortable and supportive boots and fitted very well given that I have fairly aggressive orthotics and find getting a good fit a big challenge. I am 98kgs, so a lot of weight to support when you add another 20kgs or so, but no issues at all with these boots in that regard.

My only complaint about the boots is that I would like a better grip in wet and muddy conditions. In the latter case the lugs fill up straight away and become very slippery—others I trek with do not have that issue with their boots in exactly the same conditions.

Biggest issue is after-sales service. Whilst trekking in Europe a few months ago I had an issue and contacted Meindl in Germany as I was trekking very close to their HO. Meindl refused to deal with me in Germany but referred me to the Aus importer in NZ because I had bought them in Aus.  They required me to send the boots back to NZ for assessment—even though I was only 1/2 hour from Meindl themselves and in the middle of a trekking holiday!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: AUD$580


Welcome to Trailspace, Fast_Eddie! Thanks for sharing your experience with these boots. If you have some pictures of them, those would be helpful to see in your review too.

4 years ago

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