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Island Pro MFS

rated 4 of 5 stars Great boot, very comfortable, bulletproof. Very, very poor after-sales service. Had these for about four years and done many backpacking/trekking kms both in ANZ, Europe, and Asia. Extremely comfortable and supportive boots and fitted very well given that I have fairly aggressive orthotics and find getting a good fit a big challenge. I am 98kgs, so a lot of weight to support when you add another 20kgs or so, but no issues at all with these boots in that regard. My only complaint about the boots… Full review

Island Pro

rated 5 of 5 stars Had mine nine years, re-soled once, uppers still in excellent condition. Never given me blisters, never leaked, always comfortable. Can't recommend these boots highly enough—no breaking-in period for my pair, always comfortable, never chaffed, rubbed or leaked, offer excellent ankle supper without being inflexible. The uppers have taken nearly 10 years of abuse and are still in superb condition (which warrants the re-soling cost) so including re-soling they've cost me around £30/year and I basically… Full review

Borneo Pro MFS

rated 5 of 5 stars Great allrounder boot that will last you a long time! Now on my second pair, which I have been using extensively from the treacherous granite mountains of South Korea, to the jungle of Borneo (no pun intended...), to the wet pastures of Norfolk. This boot never let me down and sits tightly around the ankle, perfect when carrying a heavy rucksack and across uneven surfaces. Smart enough for town as well when polished up. Would I consider buying a third pair? Simple answer: Yes! Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars An excellent, solid boot. I used to wear the old Asolo Yukons and wanted something a little more like them—a bit lighter, with the break-in more along the width for overhang—but could not find anything suitable. The Meindls are heavier, more thickly padded, and wider-cut—so they are a little 'clunkier' feeling. BUT the Meindl Perfekt is an unquestionably well-made boot. Meindl Perfekts deserve, and require, a slow and gentle break-in with good care. I am a fan of Obenauf's, which is working… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars Bought my second pair after 10 years intense use. Full leather, no sweaty feet, but 100% water resistant. Strong, comfortable, versatile, all-year boot. Before buying check the boots in detail because they might have some flaws. I had to change several until I had the perfect set (I am not an easy person). After 10 years wearing my old Borneos I had to buy new ones. The inner lining was too broken down to be still comfortable. You do not need to wear them in. They are light, water-resistant, and… Full review

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