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Wave Hitogami 2

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Light, responsive racing/fast training shoe with good transition. 9mm offset doesn't seem that high. Well designed and crafted with attention to detail and an upper, especially in the black/red color combo, that is a work of art. This is the most beautiful and artistic shoe from Mizuno since the late and lamented Wave Evo series. The upper is an absolute work of art, especially in the black/red color combo.   Same excellent performance as in the first Hitogami, with changes mainly in the upper… Full review

Wave Kazan

rated 4 of 5 stars Solid shoe for running trails. As for any shoe, fit is key. Although I usually run on the roads, I've been running on some (fairly non-technical) trails enough that I decided to get a trail running shoe. I've been using Mizuno Wave Inspires for my running shoe, and the running shoe store suggested that the Wave Kazans would be 'comparable'. (I think they probably just recommended it because it's Mizuno's only trail-running shoe.) Anyway, the shoes have been working fine through about 200 miles of… Full review

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