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Moonstone Activent Anorak

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Moonstone is no longer in business, and the Activent Anorak has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best waterproof jackets for 2024.

Great windbreaker that ventilates really well. I went camping this weekend and experienced extremly varied conditions. One day the high was in the high 50's/low sixties with strong winds. Felt perfectly fine with just a synthetic T-shirt. Next day, a cold front pushed through, with hihs in the low 40's and extemely strong winds. Hiked up trail with intermittant protection/exposure. After finding right combination of insulation (thermal longsleeves and vest) the rest of the hke was fine.

Tremendous ability to ventilate; just opened pit zips (which NEED PULL TABS, PLEASE!) and front zipper which nearly goes to your waist. The end of the hike was an exposed, windswept rock. When I arrived, it started to snow. Even with the wind whipping the snow around and driving everyone else off the peak, I merely cinched down everything tight and spent an hour in terrible conditions.

Did have a hard time with the hood cords while wearing gloves, but they eventually came around. Hood offered good protection, but did not really examine how it moved with my head.

Overall, a very impressive piece. Am waiting to see how it holds up on the slopes, for I am hoping to find an all around general shell. Is often found at a HUGE discount at various sites like Mtn. Gear, REI, etc. Check it out.

Fabric: Activent
Price Paid: $190, often has HUGE discounts

This jacket is the bomb for running in cold damp to wet weather while running, biking, snowshoeing, etc. This is one well made jacket; very long pit-zips, adjustable hood, front zipper with snaps(allows for venting), side storage zipper pocket(also designed for venting and allows for for jacket to store within the pocket/very packable), drawcords at waist and hem and adjustable wrist.

Words can not say enough about this jacket and the Activent material. Everything they say about the breathability, wind proofness, and being highly water resistant is all true. I should know, I've seen it all.

If you can find this jacket (check, every once in awhile some will return jacket and is marked down further from $90 to $55!). Buy it or Marmot's Mistral Pullover, another great Activent jacket at the same place!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabric: Ripstop Nylon with Acitvent
Price Paid: Sale Price: $90

I got this jacket at a really good price. It's a really great jacket, breathes well, and despite the thinness of the fabric, it holds up really well. Mine got sucked into an ATC and came out with only a very tiny rip. nice hood. Plus it looks cool! Buy it if you need a lightweight windshell that'll perform when you need it to.

Fabric: Gore Activent
Price Paid: $190

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Price Reviewers Paid: $90.00-$190.00