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Mountainsmith Strapettes

photo: Mountainsmith Strapettes sling/strap


Price MSRP: $25.00
Current Retail: $27.95
Historic Range: $18.50-$27.95
Reviewers Paid: $24.95-$25.00


3 reviews
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Important stability for lumbar packs, especially the TLS Day.


  • Easy fit and added comfort and stability for larger loads


  • The webbing straps need to be longer for folks over 6 feet as the sternum strap becomes obtrusive.

I've been using the TLS Day and Tour for 5 years or so for lightweight hiking and biking plus my daily commute to work. At 5 feet 10 I found the straps a good length. In practice I've removed the buckles and attached the straps using the sliders. This provided a more stable and less twisty saggy over strappy system where the plastic Y divider, sits.

I started using the whole system as an alternative to a pack. Lumbar disc problems dictated I needed to do something to enable trips to the mountains etc and this system is unbeatable, but as I've mentioned it needed tweaking to make stability paramount especially on the Day lumbar pack.

Very little weight from the carry perspective is transferred to the shoulders. The strapettes just stop the lumbar pack when fully or over laden from pulling back.

Great gear, but I also feel the straps should be provided with the range of lumbar systems and not as an extra purchase. 

Source: bought it new


Welcome to Trailspace, Pete! Thanks for the review. Do you have any pictures showing how the Strapettes work with your lumbar packs?

6 years ago
Pete Bobkat BRAND REP

Hi, try this outdooradventuressite wordpress I've reviewed the packs etc Love the mountainsmith lumbar packs, had a look at the new model, they've shaved the waist belt down a tad. just found two on ebay, had to have. I'm also the UK Ambassador for Oboz for 2016. Kind of new to blogging, writing isn't something I would usually do, I'm a musician / session player and Guitar repairer / builder as my day job, I'm more of a hands on kind of guy writing is taking me out of my comfort zone, which is always a good thing!!! I've found your web pages very useful and hope to ontribute when time allows. Kind regards Pete.

6 years ago

Hi Pete, Thanks for the additional info. I'm glad you found your way Trailspace and that the site has been helpful for you. Thanks for sharing your own review here too. By the way, I think you day jobs as a musician and luthier sound fascinating!

6 years ago

These are a must if you own a Mountainsmith!!! I recently purchased them after spending months of uncomfortable tweaking and adjusting my Mountainsmith as a messenger bag. I was never happy! I even wrote an angry review. 

Now however, with the Strapettes attached to my bag I love the thing! It is like a whole new bag! and I feel bad that I keep using it over my other bags even. The way they situate your load is amazing and they feel great.  It is my new favorite bag.

If you're going to own a Mountainsmith, definitely spend the extra bling and get the Strapettes. It is more than worth it.

Price Paid: $25

I got this for my Mountainsmith Tour bag. I carry 64 oz of water with my other gear my pack weight is around 15 to 17 pounds.

The first thing I can tell you is the instructions are no good. The backstraps connect to your shoulder strap location but I had problems with the front. I found this link on the internet which help a lot. this should solve problems with the front of the straps.

They really help with the extra weight, the onlydown side is that you can't spin your pack around as easy as before, not a very big loss. I didn't come across size information but I feel if your over 6 feet tall they may not work, the chest strap may be too close to your neck.

When on the trail the only problem I found was I had them too tight. I adjusted them one time and going up and down the hills was not a problem.

I feel they should have come with the pack, but I'm glad I bought it.

Design: Shoulder straps
Size: If your taller than 6 feet it may not fit.
Number of Pockets: n/a
Max. Load Carried: unknown, one review said 110 pounds?
Height of Owner: 5' 10"
Price Paid: $24.95

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