MSR Titan Mini Cookset

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The Titan Mini Cookset has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best pots and pans for 2020.

photo: MSR Titan Mini Cookset pot/pan


Price Historic Range: $85.93-$119.95


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I have used this pot set for just over a year. It is a good combination of pot sizes, very, very light.

One problem though. The pots themselves are very thin and if you are not careful, you WILL warp them out of shape!!! The rim around the outer diameter does not have a strong enough lip on them so when you use the handle on the pot, it will bend a bit.

I bought another handle for the pots when handling them, it just reduces the amount of flexing in the pots. Reason why they bend so easily? They are made in Thailand!!

I replaced my pots that warped with Trangia titanium pots. Similar size in diameter so it would be compatible with the MSR Mini kit (in terms of being able to place one pot into the other)...what a HUGE difference!!! Yes they are more expensive but you pay for what you get!

Price Paid: $99 Cdn with taxes

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