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Mummert Phoenix Wood-Burning Titanium Camp Stove

photo: Mummert Phoenix Wood-Burning Titanium Camp Stove wood stove


Price MSRP: $229.00
Weight 16.0 oz
Material 6Al-4V Titanium


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A show piece titanium stove that is bound to turn heads at any campsite, though it is very expensive. Best suited to group cooking at a more permanent camp.


  • Design
  • Mojo


  • Cost
  • Size
  • Weight

Mummert are best known for their titanium knives, so this is a bit of a departure from their core product, but it does not disappoint. It is best suited to group cooking duties or a showpiece fire for people to gather round in the evening as, despite being made from titanium, it is quite large and heavy compared to other wood-burning stoves.

Follow the instructions and the stove is fairly simple to put together (I did not do this to begin with and found out the hard way). It has a pentagonal base, five side panels, a door, and a poker, which I also used for opening and closing the door. It is all stored in an attractive heavy duty cordura bag.

In use, the design funnels the flames to a narrow spot at the top so it burns really efficiently, though I found I needed more wood than usual due to its size and it constantly needed feeding to keep the temperature up. It works best with twigs and wood the thickness of a pencil or just a bit larger. I particularly liked the way the flames licked out of the Phoenix cutouts. This was especially mesmerising at night! I used the stove to cook a vegetable stew (see my youtube video) among other things and it turned out well.

It was fiddly to put together as all slot-together stoves are, but practise makes perfect. Also, it is not the lightest on the market but for sheer mojo alone this stove was worth the $229 plus shipping and taxes (came to over £300 in the end!) so this is a premium purchase!

If you are looking for a unique focal point for your camp setup to cook with wood then this would certainly do the job. Its eye-catching design will turn heads on any campsite. I had a brief e-mail exchange with Mummert and a smaller version was on the design table but cheap knockoffs from China are choking this sector of the market so this has not been released yet.

All I can say is, you get what you pay for. Check out my video of the stove in action on YouTube:




Camping trips to cook meals and heat water.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: £300


That's a nice looking stove, Oliver!

1 year ago
Oliver Brotherton

It's my favourite. It just looks so cool!

1 year ago

Oliver, just what is "mojo" when it comes to stoves, and why is that valuable? I'm glad you like it, but I'm trying to wrap my head around why anyone would want a one-pound, $230 camping stove.

1 year ago
Oliver Brotherton

Mojo is used to describe something that is cool/magical. As for the cost, unlike cheap knockoffs from China, small independent manufacturers can only produce in small numbers. Then there's the design costs (including legal fees), tooling, material etc. All this pushes the cost up. Yes it is a lot but if you use it a lot it will last for a long time so it would be an investment in the long term. Anyone stuck for gift ideas might also consider it...

1 year ago

I hope someone will review this brand's knives, since we've never had any and knives are its focus.

1 year ago

My only backpacking wood stove is a Trail Designs titanium Sidewinder. Whil not "inexpensive" it is not nearly the price or=f the Phoenix stove. Yt the Sidewinder and larger Tri-Ti can burn alcohol, ESBIT and wood more efficiently than virtually any other stove on the market. And with all this they roll up smaller and pack lighter than any other multi fuel wood stove. In addition with the INFERNO insert they become "gassifier" wood burning stoves that burn wood to a white ash due to recycling unburned initial combustion gasses and as a result are extremely hot.

1 year ago

"Mojo is used to describe something that is cool/magical." Yeah, that's what I thought. Again I'm glad you like it, but I just don't see paying that much money and carrying that much weight for something that doesn't have a compelling *performance* benefit. Cool is nice, but for me there has to be a better reason that just that.

1 year ago
Oliver Brotherton

It really is very cool. And magical. The phoenix cut outs look like real phoenixes. I happily stare at them for hours in an altered state. Then I drink a hot drink. I use it for base camp not through hiking. All the other campers go oooh and aaaah what a cool stove! And then they think I am really cool, which I am.

1 year ago

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