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Mystery Ranch T-100

photo: Mystery Ranch T-100 expedition pack (70l+)


Price Current Retail: $449.95-$450.00
Historic Range: $199.99-$450.00
Reviewers Paid: $402.59


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Best well built and comfortable pack you will ever find.


  • Extremely well built
  • Very comfortable


  • No clip for attaching keys, wallet etc.
  • No hydration pocket in main pack
  • no pockets in the belt


First, let me say that this is one great comfortable well built pack. The way this thing rides on my back is like no other. (I own a Kelty Red Cloud, Osprey Atmos, and a couple smaller packs.) The craftsmanship of this pack is way above the others and carries loads of 40 – 60 lbs very easily. It will carry more but that’s all I have put in it so far.

It adjusts well to form a comfortable fit on my back no matter the load size. The sleeping bag compartment is plenty big too, with straps to secure it inside the bag and a zippered closure at the bottom of the pack. The zippers on this pack are very durable and hefty.

Plenty of Molle loops on the outside too for attaching extra gear, but this pack holds so much inside you will only want to secure a few small items on the outside like maybe a water purifier so you don't have to dig inside to find it on the trail. It also has side zippers to access the main body of the pack without having to go in through the top every time to get something that is in the bottom. 

Now, for a few minor cons but important ones to me anyway. This pack does not have the little clip attachment inside the lid for attaching a small wallet and or keys. To me this is a very necessary little piece of equipment. I hate carrying keys and wallet in my pants pockets. I love and have come to depend on this little piece in my other packs for always knowing where my keys, ID, and some cash are.

Now with the T-100 I fear having to fish around for where I put these items or worse, them falling out unknowingly on the trail somewhere when I opened the lid for a compass, map, wipe or other little items I tend to keep in the lid close at hand.

Next is the hydration issue. I found the two slots on either side at the top to run the hose out, but there is no pocket on the inside of the bag to insert a hydration bag next to the frame side. This pack is so massive; the hydration bag gets mashed in with all the other gear and if hiking long distances before unloading the pack, make it difficult to remove the hydration bladder to refill. Plus, it slides to the very bottom of the pack and puts a strain on the hose.

Last is the lack of those small pockets in the belt that I use to keep a small camera, some bug spray, sunscreen, or sometimes a few meds that make it super easy to get to on the trail while walking.

These may seem minor and I guess they are but Dana and crew could have added these (at least the first two) with little to no extra cost and weight to the pack.

I really love this pack and can see it lasting longer than I can continue hiking and camping. Just wish the few little details mentioned above would have been added. Especially the little clip for the wallet and keys…

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $402.59


Welcome to Trailspace, Rick! Thanks for sharing a review of your Mystery Ranch. I'd love to see some pictures of your pack, if you're willing to add some to your review.

5 years ago
andrew f.

thanks, Rick. I have hiked with their G6000 for nearly ten years. mine may be different than this, but the front pocket on the lid is where my hydration bag rides - there is an opening at the corner of the front lid pocket for the hose. wondering if that's a possibility for you. fully agree that without an interior sleeve or a way to put it in the lid, or at least attach the top of the hydration reservoir to the top of the pack, that's a drawback. also, on mine, i had to add an accessory (mystery ranch sells sling pockets and small boxes that attach to the hip belt) for easy access to small stuff. of course, you have to pay extra for those accessories after spending a lot for the backpack. enjoy it - i have toted up to 65 pounds in mine, and it carries about as well as that much weight can.

5 years ago
Rick Haithcox

Hi Andrew. Yes, i did find where the hydration bladder hose can be fed through the slot in the front part of the lid. Seems a strange place to put a bladder as it will lay flat. Plus i like to use the lid compartments for "stuff". I will try this out though and see how it works out..

5 years ago

Thanks for the picture, Rick.

5 years ago

I like to have a key clip too. If I don't have one, or don't want to lose track of other small items I use a small zippered pouch to keep the small stuff together, or even a ziplock bag. (But then I still want to attach the zippered pouch to a key clip to keep from losing it!)

5 years ago

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