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Northwest Territory 16' x 14' Extreme Vacation Home

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The 16' x 14' Extreme Vacation Home has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tents and shelters for 2020.


Price Reviewers Paid: $125.00-$229.00


35 reviews
5-star:   10
4-star:   9
3-star:   5
2-star:   5
1-star:   6

Registered Maine Guides here. We bought this tent in 2007 for folks who expect a condo when they camp during a canoe trip without amenities.

It has to be set up before you use it. Mark the poles with some different colors for roof, eaves, walls, etc. The stickers and odd markings included will wear off!

Get two cans of spray seam sealer and soak every seam you see from inside the tent. Let it dry. Do it again. Let it dry.

When you set it up for use, stretch the guy lines for the tarp as far out as they can be set and anchor them well. You might even want to increase the length of the guy lines with longer cord if you are expecting any windy or rainy weather unless you are going to be right there during the weather to monitor the tent. Replace the chintzy stakes with heavy plastic stakes. Bend them away from the direction of the tent when you hammer them in.

Completely close all zippers and windows during rain. Do not touch the surfaces of the tent when it's wet. If you do these things, you should be ok.

We lost the fly and connectors on our last trip in 2009. We loosened it up to dry and a sudden rainstorm with high winds blew in. We called the number listed on the back of the directions and on the packing slip for HKD Global on 03/24/2010. On 03/31/2010 we received the needed parts. I may make up some connectors from PVC for emergencies but the parts I needed came as promised and the cost was minimal. They also say they have the same tent on sale now at K Mart and Sears with an improvement to the design of the fly and tie-downs. I checked it out and they have added webbing and tie-downs at the stress points of the original fly design.

Design: tent
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy
Weight: hefty

Good family tent, used less then 10 times. Like a couple of reviewers broke one hub but repaired with duct tape. Looking to sell tent to another reviewer that needs it for parts, I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.... email So if you are interested contact Jim at email given.


  • Size...good for family
  • Fairly easy to set up


  • Size

Not much to add, good tent and willing to sell $70.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: about 150 dollars

Dose any one have instructions for the northwest vacation cottages 3 model number is 889708 if u do can u email them to me at

North west vacation cottage 3 tent #-088970811-1 Need instructions please 

I use my mom's tent over the weekend and set it up. A very small gust of wind came and blew it over breaking the 2 "C" poles on one side.. :(


  • A lot of room
  • A lot of air openings


  • Only been used a few times and broke that fast.

Does anyone have this tent that they aren't using anymore that they are willing to let go of or sell me those two sides? I would really appreciate it very much!!! :) 


Source: bought it new

This is a great family tent. We have the 14x16 Vacation Home.


  • Large
  • Roomy
  • Overall great tent


  • Grommets on the rain fly get clogged in heavy rain

HELP! I'm looking for 1 pole. Since parts are no longer available I thought I'd try here.

I need a center side pole. 

Apparently in our last trip one got left behind!


Carrie, you may want to check and see if this company can help you with replacement poles:

4 years ago
Julie Searles

Did you have any luck? I had a hard time figuring out how to reply to you. We have somebody who might try to make us hubs but were deciding if its worth the hassle.

4 years ago

Love my tent. Storm broke five of the pole hubs. Roof hubs are fine. Does anyone have any they are wiling to sell? Maybe your tent was ruined and hubs are intact.

Other than learning how to set the tent up, it's great. Roomy for my family.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Don't remember

Carrie LaRose

Any luck finding hubs? I don't need hubs just a center side pole. Care to part with one of those?!
4 years ago


  • Large family sized tent


  • Leaks in heavy rain

Overall a great tent. But last week a storm came through which broke the plastic hubs on one side. Called the service number and parts are no longer available. If anyone has a damaged tent with the plastic left end and middle hub in tact I will buy them from you. 269-207-1262

I've owned this tent for almost 8 years! Never once have I had a problem with it. My kids and grandkids enjoy it every summer, camping most of the summer!


  • Roomy
  • Durable


  • Haven't had any issues

Not sure what else to say other than the tent is GREAT! Maybe the bad reviews are from those who require more detailed instructions!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $199.99

Extremely big and roomy. Kept us dry in the rain. Great for the claustrophobic, the tall, those with kids, or a lot of stuff.


  • Huge, tall enough to stand up straight and walk around
  • Withstood a rainstorm
  • Closet
  • Both doors are off of one room, so, the kids can't get out without us knowing it.

We camped during a flash flood warning, and it held up just fine. We stayed nice and dry. It was tall enough for my 6'2" husband to walk upright in, and big enough for both queen size air mattresses, and we still had room to walk around and set all of our bags on the floor.

We put the kids on one side, and us on the other. The side we stayed in had both doors off of it, so if my little ones decided to go out, they'd have to walk right by us (which is always worrisome to me when there are toddlers with us.)  My cousin said, "That's not a tent.  That's a portable cabin." haha  That's about right. 

We borrowed this tent, and now we're buying one.

Source: borrowed it

This tent is a very nice tent for the price you pay, but it does have some improvements that need to be done.


  • Price
  • Room
  • Easy setup


  • Weak plastic pole connectors
  • Small leaks at bottom of doors and windows

By connecting the top poles together and attaching the tent with the rain cover on it then raising it up and attach the side legs make the tent an easy setup.

If you don't assemble the tent this way the plastic pole connecters will break because they are cheaply made and cannot handle much stess. If the connectors were made from PVC pipe the tent would be much better built. I know because I made some by cutting the pipe and plastic welding it together.

The tent has some small leaks in the stitching in the middle of the doors and windows.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $229 and $169

Tomorrow July 4th will be a year ago when I decided to buy Northwest Territory tent. It had all the space we all needed but we only used it once last August.

Yesterday we went away for a 3-day 3-night camping, everyone was very happy, set up the tent we were ready for fun. Then minutes later we got hit by a rain storm with 35mph winds which tore the rain fly ripping the fabric and the fitting that holds the pole, the top poles that run along the roof snapped causing the tent to leak and completely collapse on us, you can imagine what we went through.

The whole thing was completely destroyed. There was nothing we could save, we were all “very upset” I actually cried this tent wasn’t cheap and now it’s “gone” My daughter’s DS was soaked destroyed, my son’s new Samsung Intercept paid $200 for it also destroyed, all of our belonging was soaked so we packed our wet stuff leaving the completely destroyed tent on the side at our campsite and drove 3.5 hr back home. We couldn’t say or talk to each other it was upsetting us that much.

We planned for this trip now we lost the money on that too. This was over $300 loss over this tent and I am not counting the DS and cell phone.

This morning we had a call from the campground telling us that our “destroyed tent” was picked up by their guys and thrown away. They told me I need to call the store I bought it from since we bought it less than a year ago. Kmart was not very cooperative, they only asked me if I purchased an extended warranty and in case if not then there is nothing they can do about it. Well that was very comforting knowing that they don’t guarantee for their products they sell, so now I should just let it go like nothing happened, but not just K-MART mostly the manufacturer who should be blamed for.

We all who had the same situation should go against them and at least get our money back.  Hope people will read this so they could avoid spending their money on something that will be gone in a flash and experience what we went through.

Northwest Territory you should guarantee for your products or not make and sell it at all.  I know I will never ever buy another one of your products, not unless you pay my money back. 

MODEL number: 81865500450               Price paid: $179+ Tax

Price Paid: $179 + tax

I loved this tent at first. That was before we set it up for our pre-camping trial run. It is a good thing we did. First of all, I had an extra leg pole and was missing a roof pole. Kmart was not very cooperative when I went back to them with the extra pole. I told them I could either get another leg out of another tent or return the entire thing for a refund. she told me that just this once she would let me exchange it, however, I had to go get the heavy tent from the back and bring it to the front myself.

Pole exchanged, tent up, and sealed like suggested in other reviews.

Then we put the rain fly on, what a disaster. The top poles that run along the roof start to collasps. The little metal things that lock into the plastic keep sliding out the end. I can't return it now. I have just wasted 197 (with tax). We have to try to redneck rig it now, cause that was all my tent money.

Thanks, Northwest Territory. I will never ever buy another one of your products. Now why would I put the 1 star instead of zero. It does have nice room in it. That is the only positive thing I have to say about this.

Design: vacation home
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy once I had all the correct prices
Price Paid: $179

My wife and three kids have used this tent several times. We have camped in rain and a little bit of snow..and this tent really excited my expectations! We stayed dry and the tent is big enough for my family (total of 5) and two dogs. The tent is roomy, well constructed and I'll recommend this to all who are looking to purchase a camping tent.

Price Paid: ??

We purchased this tent on ebay brand new. We wanted to buy it directly from Kmart last summer but were discouraged from tenting by a friend. We bit the bullet and bought it this year anyways.

I would give it 5 stars but we don't care for the color coded stickers on the poles. They come off! We used this for the first time this past weekend, we loved the space that it gave our family of 4 and the ease of setup with two children running around.

We did have a problem with rain coming in, that is our fault to not tying the rain fly down tight enough and that the rain was a complete heavy downpour for 2.5hrs straight. We set up in our yard when we returned home to dry and it rained during that time with no problems to rain coming in.

We look forward to our next camping trip in a few weeks.

Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy
Price Paid: $150

Used the tent last year worked good, we had no rain.

Used the tent this year and it was a horrible experience. We had rain and three of the six plastic connectors for the legs snapped in half.

I would suggest you not buy this tent.

Design: vacation home
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy
Weight: 20 pounds
Price Paid: $159.99

I LOVE this tent. it only breaks in very high wind or if you don't stake it down. part of the design is that if it rains you MUST stake it down very well or else the fly will gather water.

I have used it 11 or 12 times over 1 year. this past weekend it broke when we got hit by 60 mph winds which tore the rain fly and bent a side pole. that's pretty much all the damage.

if you hate this tent, i'll take it off of your hands. i would like another. email me at seriously, i would like another even if something is broken on it.

by the way the number for the replacement parts is 888-280-7876. you must tell them your model number for this tent. it is kmt 07040,

Ease of Setup: easy once you have done it once or twice
Price Paid: $169.99

I brought this tent 3 years ago and let me tell you something. It has been a God Send. It has been in 5 major storms and we managed to stay dry. Of course we has a little drip here and there at the zippers but out of all the different tents that were at our camping trip we were the driest.

I love the space and the ease of putting up. I am ordering a new rain flap to have as a back up in place but other than that I am telling everyone about this tent. I LOVE THIS TENT!!!!!!!

Design: Extreme Vacation Home
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: EASY!!!!
Weight: 25 - 50lbs
Price Paid: $150

This is an absulute must have for campers. all of yall who say it wasnt good you must have set it up wrong. we almost did and nearly broke it so look at it very carfully very spacus 2 room if not 3 and can stand in wind when it rains your spouse to put the tarp up and zip up the windows duhh but set it up before you travel so you know what your doing. i also have a shower to go with it!

Design: 4 seson
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: a little hard the first time easy the second
Weight: abou6 50lbs
Price Paid: $125

We love the tent. Daughter has basically lived in it all summer.

Problem was during a hurricane with really heavy rain for 3 days fly filled with water and snapped back corner & side brackets. Just wondering if there is any way to get new brackets. Cannot afford new tent.

Recommend to anyone who doesn't camp out in major rainstorms.

Any help out there for parts?


Design: Northwest Territory 16' x 14' Extreme Vacation Home
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy after a few times

Love this tent, used it a few times already. Lots of space for everything we brought, held up just fine in the rain.

The only downside is the setup, not that easy and we lost the instructions so if anyone has them.

Sleeps: 6+
Price Paid: $129.99

We bought this tent and set it up in the backyard so we could be familiar with setting it up before we actually got to a campsite. We left it up overnight and it rained. All of the plastic pole connectors broke and the poles bent, ripping the fabric.

It is a beautiful tent and we were very pleased with the size, but this tent is not practical for actual camping use. I would like to know how to get a replacement or refund. My husband contacted the manufacturer and they wanted as much money to replace the broken parts as it would cost to replace the whole tent. I would not recommend this tent to anyone.

Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: ok for the size. needs 2 people to set up

It's great in size. My only trouble is the set up. If anyone out there happens to have the instruction could you send/email them to me lost them and now I'm having a hard time setting it up. I just need them for future camping trips, thanks...

Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: difficult
Price Paid: $189

We should have read the reviews before buying this tent. We used it 2 x and we had a rainstorm and the corner bracket broke which made another pole buckle which made half the tent come down. Water came in and ruined our weekend. Clothes (for 5 people) soaking wet, etc.

Although we absolutely loved the size and convenience of doors on both sides we would NOT recommend this tent unless the company used stronger materials for the supports. Ventilation was good. But now we are contacting the company for a refund. Kmart isn't being to helpful. So much for camping Labor Day Weekend.

Price Paid: $149.99

I will give this thing called a tent one star for room. The second time using the tent and it rained and some wind it filled with water, the poles bent and the corner brackets broke. I would never buy one like this again.

Sleeps: 4
Ease of Setup: at least need two people
Price Paid: $199

The size was great, big tent. We set it up before we planned our camping trip, had big rainstorm with a little wind. "TENT CAME DOWN" gables broke poles bent had to cancel camping trip. Size is not always a good thing.

Design: Vacation Home
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: Yes
Weight: 25- 30 Lbs

This tent is nice and large. We have used it on two separate occasions, and the entire time it rained. I found that you must tie down the rain fly or it will fill with water and cause the plastic connectors to break.

The other bad design is that the rain fly doesn't extend past the tent far enough, so when you open the door rain runs off the roof directly into the tent. I have been able to tarp under the rain fly and further out from the door and that helps.

Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: Needs 2 people
Price Paid: $150-200

We absolutely love this tent. Considering the size it is very easy for two people to put up. It hasn't leaked during any rainstorms.

The only problem that we have had is that we did not tie down the rainfly and during a heavy storm the rainfly filled with water. Otherwise we have had nothing but good luck with this tent.

Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: very easy to set up
Price Paid: $149

My advice is don't purchase this product. My daughter just called to tell her experiences with this tent.

Last night it rained and the canopy filled with water and ripped. The fitting that holds the pole snapped causing the tent to leak and start to come down. Thank god for duct tape.

Tomorrow she will be packing up and retuning home cutting her vacation 2 days sooner than expected. The tent was purchased last fall and has only been used twice.

Sleeps: 6+

DO NOT BUY THIS TENT! At first, my husband and I loved it because of the space. We went on our first camping trip this past weekend with our two young children, 7 and 3. Saturday night, a mild storm came through while we were in town. When we got back to our campsite, our tent was mangled, the poles had broken, hence, ripping the fabric as well. All of our belongings were wet. The other couple we were camping with bought a Coleman tent for $80 and did not have one drop of water!

My daughter was absolutely devastated. We had to pack all our stuff up in the middle of the night and drive home.

It cost me $80 per night to sleep in this, and now it is junk.

Price Paid: $159.99

Two years in a row we attended the Kings Royal Sprint car race using this tent. Last year the tent survived 40 mph sustained winds, this year winds gusting to 50mph with torrential rains. At times we were inside bracing the tent with our hands on the gable pole.

A few adjustments on the guy lines for the rain fly, but all in all the tent was only one of the few that survived the 12 hour storm unscathed. We are very pleased with the tent and would recommend it highly. A few people even asked the next morning the make and where we bought the tent.

The size of this tent is awesome and easily accommodates a family. The ventilation is great as well, will cross windows to allow for breezes.

We were able to easily set up the tent between the two of us, however we were hit by high winds and rain. It held up relatively well but had to order additional parts as an end part broke. Very little rain got into the tent and considering the storm we were surprised that it did not have more. We did use Camp Dry on the seams before use though (which I do for every tent I get).

I would recommend this tent. Here is a number for replacement parts (make sure to keep the list of part numbers). 888-280-7876

Design: Cabin Tent with canopy
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: Easy to Medium set up with 2 people
Weight: 66 pounds
Price Paid: $159.99

When we first purchased the tent we were thrilled at the space and layout of the tent, it is massive. People throughout the campground was calling it the condo. We had plenty of room for 2 queen air mattresses a table and gear with room left to walk around.

The ventilation was great, the entire front is windows. Other family members liked it so much that 2 of them purchased this tent. One month ago we all reserved a group campground and set up our condos for a week of fun.

We had a mild storm and all three tent were leaking. Mine actually caved in breaking 2 poles and ripping the back of the tent. My sister had 1 broken pole and a foot of water. The water pools on top of the roof weighing it down until something breaks. All three tent had damage, mine being the worst.

I attempted to return it but kmart would not take it back and have tried to no avail to find replacement parts. Mine has been thrown away, we managed to rig the other 2 tents, I DON'T know how well they will hold up in the future. Great concept as far as space and layout go but has some definite design flaws.


Design: cabin
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: 20 MIN 2 PEOPLE
Weight: 68 LBS

What can I say, We love this tent!! The first time we put it up it took like 20 mins. the most!! All the pipes are color coded!! It is huge!! We have so much room!!

The second time we put it up it was like at 1 in the morning! We had a party and my hubby and his friends wanted to stay outside and drink my hubby put two pipes together and I did the rest by myself and I'm 5'7 and I had it up and ready in 15 mins.

I give this tent 2 thumbs up!!

Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: real easy
Price Paid: $159.99

My husband and I both agree that this is the BEST tent we have ever purchased and have ever seen. This tent is huge and so nice on the inside and out. You can fit 4 queen size air beds in this tent. You can turn it into 3 nice size rooms. It has a closet, too.

What I did is made the front area our living room and I put one of those blow up couches (5-in-1 air mattress) and a chair, and the back area is our master bedroom that has a queen size air mattress and a chair for changing. There's also a closet for your personal stuff.

I swear this tent has it all!! You can walk around standing straight up. If you want to you can fit ALL your kids in the tent with you, they can even have their own room. The only thing BAD about this tent is it's not the greatest to be in the rain!! If you get a special cover (large tarp) I suppose you can make it work in the rain.

Overall it's a beautiful tent and I have no regrets. If you wanted to you can even get one of those portable toilets and make one room in the tent a BATHROOM. It's that big!!!! That's what I'm doing the next camping trip. It's like your own personal suite in the mountains or wherever you decide to camp. Nice, comfortable, roomy tent. Have fun and if you have this tent you will!!!

Design: vacation home tent
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: up in 15 minutes. pretty easy
Price Paid: $159.99

The first time we set it up, people could not stop talking about the tent. Some people even asked to look inside at our set up. It is just the wife and I that used it and we had plenty of room to set up a little apartment inside. We love the open roof and front bay like screens.

As far as durability I feel that for the price this is a great tent. The rain fly and roof support are a little tricky at first, but easily mastered. We love it. Also the waterproof line of the floor extends up the side far enough to avoid any normal water flow that might come from a storm.

Thanks to Northwest for a great tent. Our last Northwest tent lasted for ten years with grand children, bears, and weeds.

Design: 16' x 14' Extreme Vacation Home
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: Difficult at first, then easy once learned
Weight: unknown
Price Paid: $152

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