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Ohuhu Wood Burning Camping Stove

photo: Ohuhu Wood Burning Camping Stove wood stove


Price MSRP: $17.99
Weight 14.2 oz
Folded Size 5.3 x 5.3 x 3 in


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The only can stove I bought, so am comparing it to homemade stoves.


  • Price
  • Useful
  • Packability


  • Noisy
  • Flame control


I bought this with a Solo Camp Stove (I know in my Solo review I said three years ago, but it actually isn't quite two). It is stainless steel, hasn't rusted yet, and it maintained its shape. I have not used it on a camping/hiking trip yet because I either forgot it or fire bans prevented its use.

I did get to play with it on the back 40 with the kids and it will boil water as fast as any well built can stove or a little faster. When using soft wood you will get great heat but be prepared to feed it. I used a variety of woods and plant material. Fully loaded you can boil your water for your coffee or oatmeal and then use the remnants to roast things on a stick or use a pan (a small pan). If you need to simmer for a long time it all depends on how much, and what, you feed the flame. It works well as a pot holder for an alcohol stove and I bought it mostly for that purpose.

Some of the stoves I made I inserted a tin ring you can move up and down to block the air holes to control the flame (it didn't always work the best) but when it did work it let you control the burn for better cooking control. I feel this is something the Ohuhu could have (and some other stoves for that matter).

The other thing is the bottom gets hot. It actually burnt a circle into a log I was testing it on. I know that sounds obvious but other stoves I had (homemade, mind you) would get hot to burn you on the bottom but not enough to burn into wood. Not sure if it was because they were taller or it was something in the design (the ones my grandfather made had a catch pan for coals that might have acted as a heat shield).

Last complaint is that it is noisy to carry in a pack, all the bits clink and clank as you walk. I stuffed some dry grass and other soft fire starter material in there to keep the noise down. Oh, and after the first burn the top ring discoulored...

If I were a better craftsman I wouldn't spend the money, honestly, but if I just needed something to hold an alcohol burner that could burn wood if I needed it to then it is fine. I think I would check out the high priced models before committing to any purchases.


Worked mostly as expected. I would check out other designs before committing to this one.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $21.99


Thanks for bringing this stove to our attention, Tyler. I'm curious to see your stove and its setup, if you're willing to share some pictures of it in your review. Thanks!

12 months ago

I have a similar stove and I believe they said to use that alcohol burner tray under the stove to protect the ground. Try that.

12 months ago
Tyler Veinot

Ok so I added some pictures; product placements are not intentional nor was I compensated. As for the alcohol dish it is way too small to protect the ground as a heat shield. I do not advise using this stove on a flammable surface. It might catch coals though. The dish does work to raise or lower the solo stove.

11 months ago
Tyler Veinot

You can also see where the pot holder rim discoloured after the first use. The little legs can fold in or out for different pot sizes.

11 months ago

Thanks for the pictures, Tyler!

11 months ago

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