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Jake 3-Stage Quik-Lok

rated 4 of 5 stars The Omega Pacific Jake is a big, throaty 'biner. The offset gate is a great innovation that makes clipping in much easier than a standard "D" or "Pear-shaped" carabiner. My feelings about this 'biner have evolved since I originally posted a review on it. My original, 3-star review focused on the "backwards" feel of the offset gate. However, over time I have come to realize that, like all gear, experience is key. Today, I feel the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The Jake is a "throat-y," 3-stage… Full review

Standard Locking D

rated 3 of 5 stars The Locking D is a decent 'biner at a good price. It does not provide all the [unnecessary] bells and whistles of some other carabiners, but it is going to provide a climber exactly what he needs without breaking the bank. I use these every day on my Adventure Challenge course. They are a dependable aluminum carabiner at a low cost. I primarily use them on my climbing gym wall and on my outdoor tower. I do not use them in my personal gear, because of the cons. The gate is pretty small, making it… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I had the honour to introduce the sbgII to the Israeli market. It is now spreading out like a fire in a dry field! Full review

Mountain Axe

rated 4 of 5 stars I like this axe. I have used it on self-arrest practice and to climb steep, hard spring snowfields, no serious mountaineering though. It bites into the ice when I slip and cuts nice foot holds for the kids when I want it to. The point, I noticed, has a positive angle. The books say this isn't ideal and I may adjust it some with a grinder but the issue hasn't come up for me. As far as an axe is concerned, it does the job. I wrapped the head with athletic tape near the handle to save on my gloves… Full review

Jake Jr. Screw-Lok

rated 3 of 5 stars Not a bad carabiner but for the price should have gotten something else. Pro: Belay action with an ATC is smooth, the anodized coating has held up well, and the slightly off center gate opening is a nice feature Con: On the heavy side, not a key lock nose so rope can catch sometimes, will NOT fit through a Petzl Grigri opening. Full review

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