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Midweight Pant

rated 4 of 5 stars These were comfortable. They wash well. The size was correct. I would recommend these for anyone that requires a stable undergarment. These were very comfortable. They did not hike up the leg or slide down from the waist. As a police officer out in the cold these kept me warm from the elements and with the dependability that they will stay in place. They have washed well and kept their shape through multiple washings. They seem well made and durable. I do not live in so cold a region to evaluate… Full review

Multisport Hiker Plus

rated 4 of 5 stars Sam's Club special. Inexpensive, durable, comfortable. These are solid socks. They have gone through the wash a lot and they seem to be sturdier than my REI socks and maybe my Smartwools. I think there is a slight sacrifice in softness, but I don't really notice. I have not tested these on any trips though, just wearing them around town. Full review

Midweight Crew

rated 5 of 5 stars Awesome base-layer. Just spent a week in Minnesota ice-fishing in temps ranging from -15°F to +25°F, and this did not let me down. My core never did get cold. Also wore them on a hiking trip with temps from +30°F to +55°F with awesome results. Wicked the moisture away from my skin when I was bush-whacking and warm when I needed them to be. Highly recommend! Full review

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Omni-Wool makes Merino wool socks and base layers.


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