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photo:   Ambronite drink

Warning: This brand is known to engage in fraudulent review activities.


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Ambronite; the soylent based super-meal that can run a person to the next meal or through that next workout and is drunken from a bottle. The Drink is composed of all organic and whole foods resourced and developed into Ambronite in Finland. The mix is considered all vegan and nutritious, and on the companies website it claims to be a meal substitute and supplement that can be made by the busiest silicon valley for weeks at a time, to the occasional trail snack for the weekend hiker.

After acting as a lunch substitute I would not be against drinking it again (and will).


  • Nutrient dense meal supplement
  • All that is needed is 550ml of (cold) water and the packet (ease of deployment)
  • All Vegan, Organic, And Whole Foods
  • Very good source of proteins


  • Organic/Raw taste that some my not be keen on
  • Slight "baby formula" smell
  • Not a lot of calories (500 kcal per meal) and may not sustain continuous activity
  • Fairly expensive at 10 usd per meal
  • Low calorie to weight ratio (~142g/500kcal)

The Abronite super-meal arrived in a small box upon my doorstep, and I carried it to work with me the same day. Near lunch time I cracked open the package and emptied its contents into an old Nalgene. The powered smelled faintly of oats or protein. I proceeded to add in 550ml of water to the powder, foreseeing myself doing the same thing on a trail one day down the road, and sealed the lid.

After that I was simply able to shake the container until it appeared as though the powder had diluted totally into the water. I expect to repeat this process on the trail quite easily, walking along with a bottle in my hands. After that I quickly set the liquid down the hatch. The cold mass moving down my throat at first felt somewhat uncomfortable, but I quickly came to like the taste.

Packaging and Preparation:   

Taste: An oat like to nutty mixture with accents of spinach or minerals at the ends. Lukewarm temperature close to that of water with its slick feel. Texture of loose porridge.  In anticipation of the meal I read consumer review and general thought of the product.

One of the things being contested the most was the taste. Some called it a delicious meal while others called it a sour slurry. Each person is entitled to their own taste, but I would believe that if you already make your diet one of whole foods and educated choice, you are likely to find this no more unappealing than a smoothie or recovery shake.

I would conclude that nearing the end of the bottle, the actual smell rising from the surface began to put me off if anything, having an aroma of baby formula, while the taste remained pleasant. I would conclude that this being used on a daily or meal to meal basis would be difficult as it does little to simulate or satisfy the hunger the mind experiences mentally. The taste could likely be adapted or improved by mixing this in with another food or smoothie base, or replacing a majority of the water with orange juice. 


Not Finished

Source: received it as a sample, freebie, or prize (Ambronite )


I personally have stayed away from Soylant products after I found out what Soylant Green was composed of.

6 years ago
Erik Norlock RETAILER

i dont know, all that Russian blood tastes pretty good

6 years ago
George King

This review has merit but could use an update.

This product is costs more than a mars bar, but is quite affordable compared to pretty much every other outdoor meal, freeze dried pouch, or even military MRE.

The pricing and flavor information is old too, the product has become cheaper in 2017 and starts from $19.99 on their website. If you get a larger bundle, they have regular discounts (which is cool because I order lots at a time since the shelf life is around one year).

The taste is completely new and now they also have 4 flavors to choose from (Berry flavor is my current favorite, Ginger and apple is good too, don't like the banana as much) and resealable bags that work better in the backcountry in my opinion.

4 years ago

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