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AT Beard Mower

photo:   AT Beard Mower hygiene supply/device


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Created by experienced Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, the Beard Mower is a "must have" for anyone hiking a long trail. Compact and lightweight, the Beard Mower makes personal hygiene easier to maintain.


  • Fits in your pocket
  • Runs on denatured alcohol
  • Blades can be resharpened with a file
  • Shaves all parts of the body, including legs, arm pits, and nose hair
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Allows you to go into town without looking like a member of the Grateful Dead
  • Purees any ticks hiding in your beard


  • Extremely loud, like any mower
  • Advocacy groups are concerned there are no emissions standards for this mower
  • Razor rash is a common side effect of using this device
  • Shaving "nicks" take on an entirely new meaning when you screw this up (expect blood on most shaves)
  • You should NOT try to shave your chest with this, or at least AVOID THE NIPPLES!
  • If it accidentally turns on in your pocket, seek medical attention immediately!
  • (You know, you probably shouldn't even bother keeping it in your pocket.)


Source: rented it

Phil Smith

Don't buy this, the pull starter rope came undone on me and unless you're a surgeon you'll never get it wound back on.

5 years ago

Phil, sounds like you got a cheap Chinese knockoff. The American made version is pricier, but comes with a push start.

5 years ago

What's the weight?

5 years ago

I'd say it was around 4.1 ounces...

5 years ago
Andy Gotto

Is an attachable bag an option? I like to stay LNT.

5 years ago

Sounds totally legit, except for renting a personal hygiene device (Not Recommended!).

5 years ago

Had a date on the AT after three weeks on the trail. I tried to groom myself and it backfired. Had to settle on roasting marshmallows instead. She was a little confused.


  • Lightweight


  • Gets caught in the balls area

Next time I will just go for it.

Source: borrowed it


Oh boy...

5 years ago

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