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Foot Kinetics RunGoo

Great at preventing blisters, chafing, and hot spots for runners or hikers. I bought this product because I often get blisters between my toes when hiking and running long distances. I was training for a half marathon in the spring and had a hard time preventing blisters.  A friend of mine recommended this to me, which was recommended to her by a triathlete. It costs about 10 dollars for just 3 ounces. However, the tube seems to last awhile.  The cream itself has the consistency of whipped butter… Full review

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BodyGlide Foot Glide

Another tool in your arsenal for the battle against foot blisters. Those of you who follow my reviews know, that a common issue for me is foot care. My feet are a mess... no arches, bunions, narrow heel/wide forefoot, long toes. In short, foot issues are the bane of my hiking life. In my battle against blisters, I have found this simple product to be as effective as anything I've tried. I was familiar with BodyGlide products, as I have used their non-greasy cycling balm on my cycling shorts for… Full review

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Fab International Water Bottle Bidet

For individuals who are looking to lighten up their pack, these small light bidet attachments might be just the ticket to allow you to eliminate or cut back on the amount of toilet paper you carry. I feel kind of odd/weird writing this review as the subject of bringing a bidet on a backpacking trip is not the normal sort of topic I like to discuss related to outdoor gear, but I thought I would share my thoughts on this product in case others have been looking for alternatives to carrying a lot of… Full review

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AT Beard Mower

Had a date on the AT after three weeks on the trail. I tried to groom myself and it backfired. Had to settle on roasting marshmallows instead. She was a little confused. Next time I will just go for it. Full review

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AT Beard Mower

Created by experienced Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, the Beard Mower is a "must have" for anyone hiking a long trail. Compact and lightweight, the Beard Mower makes personal hygiene easier to maintain. Full review

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Chamois Butt’r Chamois Butt'r Original

This is a great skin lubricant for use just about anywhere on your body. It seems the older I get the more things I have to deal with to continue to enjoy the hiking and backpacking that I do. One item that I don't recall ever having to deal with when I was younger is chaffing in various areas that after a day or two of longer hikes, would be uncomfortable enough that I would need several days to recover before hiking again. To address the issue I went out and started looking for something to help… Full review

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Chamois Butt’r GoStik

A solid stick skin lubricant for use wherever chafing occurs. Non-greasy and washes off with soap and water. Will not stain clothes. Chamois Butt'r GoStik is a solid skin lubricant that comes in a hand held applicator. This non-greasy, non-fragrant lubricant stays where you apply it and is easily washed off with soap and water. After receiving a sample of the GoStik, I immediately put it to the test during several mountain treks. On an August 50-mile backpacking trip along the southern end of… Full review

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BodyGlide Anti-Chafe

How would you like to float down the trail, with little or no pain? BodyGlide product can help with the second part of that. It can be a real problem solver for the skin discomfort, the bane of many outdoor adventurers, blisters and chafing! Provided that the gear has the right physical design, non-aggressive surface texturing, and size for you, test this as your potential solution. Basically it makes your skin surface less wettable, thus less swellable. And it adds some tenacious slick, slipperiness… Full review

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Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

Light and compact enough for backpacking. Best if you're hiking to a base camp and plan on spending a couple of nights. If you're thru-hiking, get clean in lakes and streams. If there are times in the backcountry when nothing but a warm shower will make you feel better, get the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower. Just keep in mind that if you want a HOT shower, you're going to need to heat some water on your stove and add it to what's already warm in the bag. I've had this shower for about the last… Full review

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