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Duration Permethrin

photo:   Duration Permethrin insect repellent


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No more bugs...No more DEET...just that simple!


  • Effectiveness
  • Odorless


  • Ease of use

So Duration is the first product I have given a 5-star review (I even went to the trouble to list it because I'm that impressed!). I try to withhold this rating for products which excel beyond all my expectations...and the Duration permethrin concentrate did just that. Put simply...this product helped me resolve my longstanding battle against insects...and given that I spend nearly my entire summers along rivers and in wetlands...that's high praise!

Unlike the Sawyer products...which I believe are helpful against insects...Duration is a treatment which is soaked into the fabric of clothing instead of sprayed. I still use the Sawyer spray for my bug-bivy and bug-net (used with my tarp and hammock respectively)...but for clothing (which is my primary defense against insects)...the Duration product has shown itself to be far superior.

Once dried permethrin is odorless and colorless...and it has not yet damaged any clothing I have used it with (I've used it on every fabric commonly used in outdoor gear but wool). The best part...the treatment remains working for an entire bug-season...or at least it has for me the last two years.

I do hand-wash my clothing as the agitation of the washing-machine is said to be what breaks-up the molecular bond of the permethrin to this might be why the product usually last through more than the guaranteed 6 washings for me...but I suspect it would last through more than 6 washings with machine washing as well.

Finally...I think it is important to mention my choice of clothing...because while I stand behind this choice of clothing is probably more important than my use of permethrin. To begin with I only use nylon tops and pants...and I look for a very tight the lady mosquitoes (the only ones that bite)...seem to have more difficulty getting their nasty beaks through the tight weave of nylon.

At the moment I am using an Exofficio Reef-Runner as my top...because it is the best ventilated and lightest weight nylon shirt I have ever used (has additional ventilation on the sides...great product!). For my legs I use a lightweight pair of trekking pants by Mountain Hardwear...I don't know (remember) exactly what they are called (I got them at a great price)...but they are a frills (zippers+stretch+etc.)...pair of nylon pants.

In addition to my top and pants I also use (treat) a pair of Swiftwick 4" crew socks (I believe the thicker compression crew top makes it more difficult for those lady mosquitoes to bite my vulnerable ankles) and a polyester bandana...and when I am kayaking and canoeing I also use (treat) a cheap wide-brimmed nylon hat I got at Walmart (it floats and has ventilation at the top)...because I seem to inevitably get brushed by overhanging trees where ticks and spiders are frequently lurking.

Together all these items treated with Duration have provided a great defense against insects (not a single tick)...and I have not used DEET in the two years I have been using this system. I think the best part of this product is the joy that comes from being free of that terrible smell and its lackluster performance:-)

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30


I use Permethrin, as well. A cheaper alternative is to head to a local Farm Supply store and find concentrate in the livestock section. Mix it yourself. You can make 30 gallons for about $15. It's used to keep spiders and flies down in dairy barns and horse stalls. Besides treating my clothes and hammock, we use it in our finished basement to deal with spiders.

8 years ago
Joseph Renow

Goose...what agreat idea! I'm glad I used the Duration kit the first time because it made the process simple and easy...but now that I am familiar with te process ad know what all is needed I will certainly check out permethrin in a cheaper and concentrated form...because I love saving money!

8 years ago

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