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Gofastandlight S-W-Airmat Low Cost Inflatable Pad

photo:   Gofastandlight S-W-Airmat Low Cost Inflatable Pad air-filled sleeping pad


Price MSRP: $29.11
Weight 21 oz
Packed Size 10 x 4 in


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As good or better than name brand pads.

Longer and wider than most without the weight, but INCLUDES THE BUILT-IN PUMP. Gofastandlight finds the best products.


  • Large
  • Lighter than other pads its size
  • Built-in pump
  • 1/3 the price of name brands
  • Durable fabric
  • Comfortable


  • ? not insulated ?

Are you kidding me?!? How is it that the big name brands can’t make a pad like this at a reasonable cost. It’s not like they’re having each one handmade in gold plated sterile rooms by master craftsmen.

This pad is GREAT! And at a third of the cost of the big boys' — Big Agnes, Thermarest, Sea to Summit, Exped, etc. — it’s a steal. OK, so it’s wider and longer than the pad sleeve on my BA bags, but that just means I don’t have to spend as much time inflating it as I can fill it about two-thirds full and fold the pillow under for a great fit and great feel (that's in the standard 20x72 sleeves on the regular bags).

It fits the sleeves on the wide, regular length BA bags if you fold the pillow under and fits the wide/long bags PERFECTLY...probably because it's not as thick as my old "designed for the bag" pads. Being a few ounces lighter while including a built-in pump ices the cake.

The fabric appears to be the same as on most other pads of its type — just as durable – and with the pump built in, there is no need to carry one SO I can stop freaking out about the mildew that forms inside a pad that's being blown up with lung power. By the way, it takes about a minute to pump up the pad with the built-in pump. The first time I did it I got to thinking, after about 45 seconds of stepping on the pump, that it seemed to be taking a long time...then realized that if I was blowing it up, I'd only be halfway done and lightheaded by that time.

Guess I forgot to mention that, due to its design — not just a bunch of vertically oriented tubes — it's more comfortable than the pads designed for my bags. I was concerned that there might be an issue with comfort due to the fact that it's not as thick as my old pads (with tubes running the length of the pad), but found that, even on my side, no part of my body seemed to be pushing through to the ground...not my hips, ribs or shoulders.

On my back it was INCREDIBLY comfortable. Yes, when turning over and around, I would occasionally feel the ground through the pad, but barely and not when I was done shuffling around and holding still. Just for the record, I'm 5'9" tall and weigh in at about 200lb...most of it that is a "he's gonna have a heart attach any time now" gut.

As for insulation, it has none, yet it's definitely warmer than the un-insulated pads with the tubes running the length of them I've used and I've pretty much tried them all.

Very impressed with the pad and, as always, exceptionally impressed with the speed of shipping and delivery from gofastandlight.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Under $40 DELIVERED

Mike Mineart

Hi Kitcarson61,I currently have a Big Agnes pad that I've been very happy with but would like to find something a little lighter. Was the pad in your review above the S-W-AIRMAT for $29.11 at the Gofastandlight website?

4 years ago

Yes, if you can confirm which model you have, that would be great, Kit.

4 years ago
Go Time! (Jesse Maloney) BRAND REP

Went to the website to check it out. Nice to have a new resource to search from. Thanks for the heads up.

4 years ago

Hey Mike, I have quite a few of the BA pads as well and have been happy with them all, but this pad was simply amazing to me and, YES, it is the S-W-AIRMAT for $29.11. Came to just over $38 with tax and shipping. Not as insulated as my Insulated Air Core or Q-Core, but more comfortable and warmer than my regular Air Core pads. As large as it is, I imagine it would be great UNDER a regular sleeping bag that doesn't have the pad sleeve.

4 years ago

Hi Alicia, ya, sorry 'bout that, but on the website it's just listed as "Low Cost Inflatable Backpacking Sleeping Pad". It just happens to be a great pad as well.

4 years ago

Hey Go Time,

4 years ago

Oops. Hey, Go Time. Ya, I've been pretty impressed with some of the different items I've been able to find on gofastandlight, too. Prices hard to beat and some stuff I've never seen.

4 years ago

Thanks for confirming that, Kit, and for sharing your review of this find.

4 years ago

I got this same pad at Big 5 a couple years ago (same price) & agree it's just as good as the expensive name brands. It packs doen small & light. I don't really like the foot pump, but I have no prob puffing a few breaths into it.

4 years ago
John Galt

Wow, great review! I ordered two of these yesterday from They are on the UPS truck today. I was ready to get a Nemo Cosmo pad but I couldn't justify the $150.00 price tag. Now I can afford an air pad for both me and my daughter.

4 years ago

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