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Lite Cylinder LC-10-30 3 Gallon Propane

It is green! Something to replace those one pound propane cannisters without the "expense" of a steel cylinder that needs an additional fuel guage. This is a lightweight fiberglass composite tank that you can actually see the level of propane. You will always be assured that when the coffee is on the propane will last until the last drop is made.


  • It is lightweight!
  • Replaces the 1 lb. throw-a-way cannisters.
  • Easy to see the actual fuel level.
  • Never rusts.
  • Can pay for itself by second fill-up.


  • The handle area has very poor clearance for many fittings and regulators.
  • Accessories like risers for lanterns and multiple supply fittings won't fit this handle.

I purchased a Century two-piece safety post that was delivered last week; it was checked and found all that I expected from a Century product. At that time I also ordered the Lite ten pound propane cylinder (LC-10-30), but delivery was delayed.

Upon attempting to marry the two units (Lite 3 gallon propane cylinder and the Century distribution tree), to attach multiple connected lanterns and a camp stove, I found to my dismay that there is no way for the units to mate. At least, that particular distribution tree with multiple connections, unless modifications are made.

Evidently, the Century unit can only attach  to the neck of a steel cylinder.  There is absolutely no way that the distribution tree can attach to the Lite Cylinder's plastic rim.  The Lite Cylinder does not have a straight rim, but one that is "rolled." And there is no place where the Century unit can stand on its own to distribute propane to the various camping accessories.

But wait!  If you were to screw on a plate that the Century unit could attach to, hmmm.  Yes, by golly, that is it. So we could attach a plate by drilling two holes in the neck (which is not part of the tank) and drawing two screws to the units we could "mickey mouse" our way forward.  And because the Century unit has a hose connector and does not attach directly to the tank it worked.

The distribution tree was described as a "riser" and this reviewer did find a "solution" even if it was a bit cock-eyed. Now we have to get rid of those last couple of canisters and use the new 3 gallon see through propane tank that weighs but a third of a a steel one.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $92 plus extra for a couple of parts.

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Price Reviewers Paid: $92.00

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