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Trangia Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars Great fuel container. Very secure and easy to dispense fuel. This is a great fuel container. It's made for alcohol (I've never used it for other liquid fuels) and very tough. I accidentally knocked it off my kitchen counter and it hit a tile-over-concrete floor and never spilled a drop as I had the lid locked close. It's very easy to dispense controlled amounts of fuel with ease due to the shut-off valve. It's my go-to alcohol fuel container when backpacking, as I'm willing to carry the very slight… Full review

Vargo Alcohol Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars A simple but neat solution to the problem of how best to carry alcohol as stove fuel. Tough polyurethane construction, a flip top, and measuring lines allow the user to easily carry, dispense, and keep track of fuel usage. There is something to be said for simple solutions that perfectly fulfill one's needs. The Vargo Alcohol Fuel Bottle is just what its name suggests—a bottle one uses to carry alcohol as fuel. It has become my go-to fuel bottle for my alcohol stoves in recent weeks.Use For backpacking,… Full review

Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets

rated 4 of 5 stars Work well. Not odorless, though! I almost feel a bit silly leaving a review for these — they're so straightforward.  Esbit tabs are compact, fairly easy to light with a match or lighter, and quickly put out a good amount of heat. I use mine in the Esbit collapsable (Pocket) stove and can rehydrate a meal with one tablet in a reasonable amount of time. The packaging might say odorless, but I don't think that's true. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose, but I need to keep these in a double ziploc… Full review

Primus PowerGas 110 g

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Does not burn well in cold compared to others. The price compared to other canister fuels is great almost $1 cheaper then other brands. I use this on day hikes in winter on my Jetboil Flash. The burning is erratic and hard to light compared to the Jetboil fuel. This may be a brand specific issue.  In warm weather fuel works great, just have had cold weather performance with this fuel. I did use this under similar conditions as did the Jetboil, fuel so was an apple-to-apple comparison. Full review

MSR Fuel Bottle

rated 4 of 5 stars Simple and sturdy. This is a bottle, so not much can be said. It is well made and holds up to abuse while keeping fuel safe. The new child-proof caps can be a hassle so be sure to NOT crank the lid down tight or you will be struggling to get it back off.  As a rough rule of thumb 100z capacity gives you 1hr of burn time so select the size you need. Do NOT use this bottle with "white gas" as it was not made for it and it can damage the cap. This bottle will last you for years. Full review

Trangia Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars Convenient filling capabilities, reliable no-leak system. **This review is for the 0.5L size I use a Trangia burner quite often on day trips and car camping, and was using plastic bottles bought from an outdoor shop for the denatured alcohol fuel. Guess what? They ALWAYS leaked, especially when traveling to altitude. I saw the Trangia fuel bottle on a YouTube video and gave it a try. Voila! No more leaks! Weighs 4.06 oz. for the 0.5L size. Made of sturdy plastic (not sure of composition, but it's… Full review

Lite Cylinder LC-10-30 3 Gallon Propane

rated 4 of 5 stars It is green! Something to replace those one pound propane cannisters without the "expense" of a steel cylinder that needs an additional fuel guage. This is a lightweight fiberglass composite tank that you can actually see the level of propane. You will always be assured that when the coffee is on the propane will last until the last drop is made. I purchased a Century two-piece safety post that was delivered last week; it was checked and found all that I expected from a Century product. At that… Full review

Primus PowerGas 110 g

rated 4 of 5 stars I have the 16 oz, bigger, canister. The gas mixture burns great even in high altitudes. It takes relatively less space than that of the same size Coleman canisters, but it is still bulkier than the slender liquid fuel canisters. Lindal connector screws well to any type of technical stoves. I guess smaller sizes are much more manageable inside the pack. Good fuel, it will do the trick unless, I am guessing, one is not over extreme altitudes. Full review

Optimus Fuel Bottle

rated 2 of 5 stars Bottle looked great, loved the "Skittles" green color. This bottle had the newer "child proof" cap that was designed to not come loose without operator input. The system utilizes a uni-directional ratchet that requires downward pressure to engage the 6 teeth/lugs. Simple enough. Filled her with Coleman brand fuel for use with my Svea 123R stove (this was from a brand new container of Coleman brand white gas purchased from K-Mart). Within 3 days, the seal on the cap perimeter was moist, and had become… Full review

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