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Mariani Cranberry Honeybar

photo:   Mariani Cranberry Honeybar nutrition bar


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Mariani's Cranberry Honeybar is 40 grams of deliciousness. Made from REAL foods, there are no artificial flavors, coloring, or ingredients. Throw this in your snack bag, and your mouth will thank you for it!


  • Nothing artificial
  • Taste
  • Real food, not a food-like substance


  • 1 isn't filling enough

My biggest complaint against most power/energy/nutrition bars is they are made from so many artificial ingredients, they are not real food. (Consider my review on the ZonePerfect Bar.)

Over the past year, I have read many articles and blogs that show our society is no longer eating real food; we are eating food-like substances, primarily made from soy. In the process, we are seeing a rapid increase in health problems and food allergies that were not common 50 years ago.

That is why Mariani's line of Honeybars is so refreshing. It is 100% natural (not "100% natural flavor" which is a marketing gimmick). Everything in this bar is food you know and can pronounce.


The ingredients list is:


Peanuts, Honey, Cranberries (dried cranberries, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil), Raisins, Dried Apricots, Almonds.

That is all, nothing more.

The taste is delicious, as if you were eating peanuts with honey, cranberries, raisins, apricots, and almonds.

I wish the bars were bigger. I eat a lot when I am active, and this does not fill me up the way a Clif Bar does (but, then, this doesn't taste like flavored sawdust).

The nutrition list is as follows (pic taken from Mariani's website):


Buy it. Try it. You'll thank me for it!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Less than $1 these days, cheaper by the box


That ingredient list sounds pretty good.

7 years ago

Just stopped at my local Walmart, and the price has been knocked down to $0.88 per bar! I stocked up for my caving trip this weekend!

7 years ago
John Schirle

Sounds good ... and hey, where are you going caving this weekend?

7 years ago

TAG Fall Cave-In, John. Doing Mystery Falls on Friday, Sinking Cove on Saturday, Fantastic Pit/Ellison's Cave on Sunday!

7 years ago

Cranberry bars sound gtreat!

7 years ago

They are good, Gary. I keep a box of them in my desk at work.

7 years ago

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