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The Poison Ivy Soap Co Poison Ivy Soap

photo:   The Poison Ivy Soap Co Poison Ivy Soap soap/cleanser


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Gets rid of active poison ivy breakouts and prevents them from starting.


  • Gets rid of poison ivy
  • Easy to use
  • All natural


  • None with my experience

I purchased Poison Ivy Soap from the Poison Ivy Soap Company off Amazon a few weeks ago. This year has been hard for me. I got my first breakout in early March and have had poison ivy rashes all over my body ever since. After trying to ignore it, I tried OTC creams and astringents to no avail. After some research it came down to using a course of Prednisone that I keep for knee emergencies, or Zanfel, which is very expensive at $30 an ounce, or trying this $8 bar of soap.

When the soap arrived on a Monday I tried it on a two-week-old set of rashes, a week-old set of rashes, and some just beginning outbreaks cause by my weekend hike. The soap went on rather waxy, made my skin feel slightly cooler, and it felt like it had a mild astringent effect. It relieved most of the itching almost immediately. After washing the effected areas twice a day for three and a half days, all the rashes and symptoms disappeared. The soap didn't dry out or negatively effect my skin in any way, either.

The soap contains jewelweed which is purported to naturally break down urushiol, which is the substance in the ivy plants that makes us itch, and that normal soaps are not able to remove.  

This product worked very well for me. If I were going out for more than an overnighter I would cut a little slither off the bar and take it with me. There is still plenty of soap left after treating most of my body for several days. Wish I had bought it right away!


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $8 USD


Poison Ivy sounds positively dreadful. Glad you got some relief

5 years ago
Andy Gotto

It can be awful. It's everywhere here in Illinois and Missouri this time of year, and the oil gets on your clothes and gear and stays active for months.

5 years ago
Backpacker at 60

Great to hear of this product, I will give it a try. I get poison oak most every month of the year from hiking the hills around the Bay Area. I don't have to touch it, just picking up a few molecules of the oil in the air and a few days later a small breakout occurs at some odd spot on my body, usually where clothes rub. Commonly used Tech-nu, Cala-gel or prescription anti-itch cream. I am very excited about trying this.

5 years ago
Andy Gotto

Hope it works for you as well as it did for me, Backpacker! It's also got to the point where I don't have to touch it to get it. I've read that a persons tolerance to it can come and go over time.

5 years ago

Ugh...poison ivy. I'm sorry to hear you've been plagued by it, but thanks for the recommendation, Andy. I'm actually going to go buy some of this soap now just to have on hand. I have used Zanfel and it's worked OK for me, but you're right about it being expensive.

5 years ago

I normally get it every spring, but have lucked out this year. I'm going to buy some of this to keep on hand. Thanks!

5 years ago

My mother in law has bought me a pill from a local organic foods store every year since I started dating her daughter who is now my wife. The pill is basically just poison ivy in a gel capsule.
They are only available in early spring and then gone. I used to get poison ivy really bad. I'm talking look at it and go quickly for the shot in the bum bad. Since I have been taking that pill, If I get into a patch, it gets blotchy at the point of contact, but no major reaction or spreading. I use this soap and normally wash as soon as I know I was exposed, but it is normally gone the next day. Not bad from It spreading all over and multiple buttshots

5 years ago
John Barber

I haven't heard of this product, but I will see if it works. Poison ivy and oak are known to be a curse of the pharaoh's. It was used to protect tombs and killed grave robbers, The tombs where filled with the poison ivy, over thousands of years the dust will remain active. Archaeologist and grave robbers have been known to have died from breathing in this dust and getting the poison in their lungs. I think it was king Tuts tomb that was discovered in 1922 where the archaeologist were curse by the poison ivy.

5 years ago
Joseph Renow

I got to try this...wish they made a liquid can use it to clean too right?

4 years ago

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