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Ozark Trail 3 Room Family Tent

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The 3 Room Family Tent has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tents and shelters for 2024.

Large roomy tent, useful for occasional use. Has two room dividers, but has no hook & loops for the windows when opened and only one door.


  • Roomy
  • Has room dividers that can be used or not
  • Atractive
  • Doggie door might be useful if you have a small toy poodle


  • No hooks and loops to secure windows when opened.
  • None for the only door either.
  • Way more low sloped ceiling area than tall enough to stand in area
  • Only one door
  • Eport is at the top of the wall not the bottom
  • Doggie door is way too small for most dogs
  • Doggie door is kind of a dumb idea to start with

I am very disappointed with my new tent. I am surprised Ozark Trail made a tent like this one. It just has so many less than desirable features or lack of.  

There are no hook and loops for the windows or the door. When opened they just flop down and look very sloppy and unkempt. Plus, my dogs walked all over them. I finally stuffed them into the bottom of the window.

There is only one door, I thought that would not be a problem, and for most folks it won't be. I suppose though with this design you only need one door. Might be a big problem if you had a bunch of people in there and someone needed to take a late night potty break.  

The Eport is on the top of the wall. Now what a silly idea is that? Now you have to waste 6 feet of cord to get it back down to a level you can use it, plus the 6 foot of cord you waste to get it up there. The only advantage I can see for this is ...... well I can't really see any.

Can't tell you how easy it was to set up. I wasn't there when it got set up. However, I will be finding out very soon how it comes down and packs away because that is exactly what I will be doing next weekend. Also don't know if it fares well in bad weather. It was a very nice dry weekend. Ventilation seemed OK, but I did have fans running during the day.  

The doggie door is kind of a dumb idea. For starters, if your dog is over 10 pounds, it won't be using it. But it was a handy place to run the power cord in.

If you only camp a couple times a year, this is possibly a great tent for you, large and low priced. If you plan to use it often, spend a little more money and get window closures. It only took me one weekend to realize this is not the tent for me.

My tent is up from mid May till Mid September. I use it four days a week usually. This tent will become our "Take it if we go someplace else" tent. It is a large, attractive tent, missing basic features.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $99 ($113 after taxes & care package)

I've read a lot of the reviews after my wife bought this tent. So when i was setting up the tent I was looking for everything people complained about. The only thing I didn't like about the tent was the dividing walls didn't cover the whole height (only the top 6in. wasn't covered), and you can't have the door covered if you want the awning up but it still has the screen door.

The pros of this tent is worth the tent by all means. It's really big, has windows everywhere for max. air flow, easy to setup and take down. I can't see how people can say it blows away; put the stakes in on a 45 deg. angle and maybe it won't blow away.

And for those who says the tent leaks, what tent doesn't leak? Before you go camping spray the tent so you don't have a problem with it. Trust me if it rains your gonna get wet if you don't like it. get an rv because camping isn't for you.

Design: 3 room ex vacation lodge
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: 15 min. max with 2 people EASY
Weight: 10lbs max
Price Paid: $119.95

We've used Ozark Trail tents for 10 years purchasing larger tents as our family grew. They are great tents if cared for properly.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy
  • Comes in many sizes depending on you need


  • Impossible to find replacement parts

Our family has used Ozark Trail tents for over ten years, purchasing larger tents as our family grew. They hold up in heavy winds and rain if properly cared for.

Recently, my family and I took our tent down, packed it away, put it on our trailer, and as we headed home we got stuck in a HEAVY rain storm. When we got home we were unaware that the tarps to the tents had gotten wet during the down pour and proceeded to put them a way.

A month later we pulled them out and set them up to find that the tarps had dry rotted. So we decided to replace just the tarps but seem to be having issues finding replacement parts for this brand of then. This is not the first time we've ran into this problem.

I love the tents, but it needs to be made easier to get replacement parts for them as well as recommended accessories.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $179

We just came back today from camping and I brought this tent that was 3 rooms it had openings on both sides of the tent and the rain tarp was large and it fit over the windows and the doors of the tent and let me tell you it was a good thing too cause we got about 2 hours of pouring down rain and I had maybe 2 small very small puddles of water. everyone piled up in out tent cause it was the only one rain was not coming through.

This was my very first time camping so I was really glad that the tent I picked out was the number one tent on our site. It was really large to you could fit 3 queen size beds in it. Well I could go on and on about how great this tent was I loved it.

The other 2 families that we went with are now talking about getting the same tent I had. I got it from walmart but when they went back to get it they were all gone and now they can't find the same one I have.

Design: family dome tent
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy
Price Paid: $119

I bought this tent as a replacement for an old Coleman. I was impressed by its size and many windows and good air-flow. I was a little off put by the lack of a door cover with the canopy being up, but, lets face it if its raining you are not going to have the canopy up (because it would just collect rain). 

What I find a bit disturbing was that after the first rainstorm with only a few good gusts of wind the rain fly ripped along the outer edge creating a flap that immediately flapped open allowing the rain to pour into the tent. 

The good thing was, that was the side with storage dins for all the cooking stuff and camp gear.  Our personal gear didn't get wet but after spending the money for it I would have liked it to last more than one rainstorm.

Price Paid: $150

The first time we used the tent it leaked when the rain came. Only one room of the tent did not leak. In the other two rooms, it leaked at every seam and the rainguard leaked. Also the seams around the floor leaked and the connector seams leaked as well. It was a short rain and not a very hard rain that lasted about 1/2 an hour.

I would think for the price that was paid for this tent that it would hold up much better. I am not impressed at all and this was our first family camping trip and had to leave the campsite due to our belongings being wet. I will not purchase another Ozark Trail tent.

Design: 3-room tent
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: Easy
Price Paid: $140

This is a great tent, I read some of the other reviews and question if those who have had leakage did you spray your tent down with sealer first. All tents require this.

I have had this tent for 3 years and never have I experienced any leakage and believe me I was stuck in some major thunderstorms in the middle the woods. Remember now, you have to spray the seams with this clear sealer that you can purchase just about anywhere for $3 or so.

I do have one problem with the tent and that is the top flexi poles broke and I cannot seem to find the manufacturer of this tent to have the poles replaced.

Price Paid: $110

I have this roomy 3 room tent and am very pleased with it. The first trip I did not waterproof it and got a little wet. After water proofing not a bad tent.

Set up was simple just want to let ALL know that you need to set the sides up first then the center. If not you will probably need to replace the poles because they will splinter. Luckily I still have the instructions and the 800 number works!!!!! 1-800-325-8368 (Wenzel) and am getting replacement poles soon. Until then the duct tape wrapping the poles has worked.

Price Paid: $90 (on sale)

we went camping in Ohio this weekend and it rained for about an hour. The tent leaked at most all seams and st windows and door. The only one window did not leak. We has just bought the tent at Walmart the day before.

I am very surprised at how easily it leaked. My sister bought another tent there the same day and it did not leak at all. It was a different brand, but she paid the same price as I did.

Thank you.

Design: 3 room family dome tent
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: easy
Weight: 10#
Price Paid: $80

I have an Ozark Trail tent. It has three rooms. I bought it about eight years ago, and i love it, but the only problem is i don't have my rain fly for it..

I've been looking everywhere on the internet looking for a rain fly for my tent.... please tell me where i can buy a replacement rain fly for my tent... thank you...

Price Paid: $149.99

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